I am on the post | “police uncle, you have worked hard”

2022-05-08 0 By

New Year’s Eve, celebrate, family reunion.On the occasion of the Spring Festival, jingyu County public security police in Baishan City is standing quietly on the post, watching the peace of the New Year’s Eve.January 31, Jingyu county public security bureau’s Spring Festival security patrol Henan group 2 is on duty.At about 5 o ‘clock, a teenager went to the duty car, gently banging on the window, the duty police rolled down the window, asked the teenager what you need help.The teenager said: “police uncle, you are hard, quick drink a bottle of drink to quench thirst.”Said the hands of the drink to the police on duty.In the face of the boy’s true feelings, the police were deeply moved.In this cold New Year’s Eve, the police stick to their posts, the people worried about the police.The boy’s actions and lovely smiling face warm every police on duty, a “you have worked hard”, but also condensed the police people a deep feeling.