Party history study education democracy will live 5 take the lead to compare check material, add 111 model essay list

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Party history study education special topic democratic life five take the lead individual control check material model essay one, investigate the prominent problem situation (one) take the lead profound comprehension “two establish” decisive significance……The first problem is that the depth of theoretical learning is not enough.Second, judgment needs to be strengthened.Taking the lead in keeping in mind the fundamental question of what our Party is and what it wants to do…Aspect problem one is crack difficult problem to be strengthened.Second, pioneering and innovation falls short of the call of The Times.Third, we need to enhance our ability to defuse risks and challenges.3. Taking the lead in practicing the vision of people-centered developmentAspect problem one is the purpose consciousness is not firm.Second, there are few ways to solve problems for the people.4. Taking the lead in learning from and applying the Party’s rich experience in successfully responding to risks and challenges in different historical periods…Aspect problem one is pioneering enterprising spirit is lax.Second, the fighting spirit has been weakened.(five) take the lead in deeply absorbing the positive and negative experiences of the Party’s history……Aspects of the problem two, analysis of the root situation (a) ideological reasons……(3) organization aspect reason (4) style aspect reason (5) discipline aspect reason 3, preliminary rectification measure (1) strengthen theory armed.2. Improving the three forces.(3) Cultivate a strong sense of purpose.4. Enhance our ability to fight.5. Comprehensively governing the Party with strict discipline