Poster | Spring Festival special: Twelve o ‘clock in Kunming

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The Spring Festival is the Chinese the most solemn festival after the Spring Festival, is really started New Year to go, and come again through the four seasons in kunming, stepped over the New Year’s eve, the Spring Festival, and hugged each other warm winter is the winter, still the blue sky white clouds, the sun is shining like is to change all the time and keep the “four spring-like” constant up view sea otters thrush, heap snow abdomen gulls flying wave rolls into the bridge wind yue.In the third step Wen Lin, sleep noon sleep. Not again nearby shen NaQiang, chestwood greedy ChunMang, unitary: JiangWu still in food bacteria bait jialing west dashanzi month long Spring Festival to let us have a look at this piece of the Spring Festival happy 12:00 of change and status quo of kunming left left left dawn time, golden sunshine wrapped in kunming, in a piece of warm tune “wake up”.”The East champ, West zhu Ling instrument, the north winding, south will return.”Jinma Mountain, Biji Mountain — West Mountain, Changbug Mountain and White Crane Mountain, the four mountains surrounding Kunming, were awakened first.With the morning sun enveloping Kunming city, countless snack shops in the streets are open for business, opening a happy day for Kunming people with a variety of breakfast food.The Spring Festival is approaching, and the team of pine needles has set out.An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening.Hour, hurry to shuttle in the city, regardless of gender, occupation, at this moment to their own post, to assume the responsibilities of the day.The people who come and go decorate the city and make Kunming glow with vitality.Black-headed gulls, which come to Haigeng Dam, Grand View Garden and Cuihu Lake every year, also start to forage. Hovering in the air, they overlook the beautiful scenery and retired workers practicing tai chi. It is a harmonious morning in Kunming.Kunming, the “spring city”, is a miracle. “The weather is often like February and March, and the flowers and branches are constantly in spring.”Dounan Flower Market is full of flowers throughout the year. Camellias in the Golden Palace bloom at the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Yuantong Mountain Cherry Blossom Avenue attracts visitors from all sides, adding the charm and joy of the New Year.It is always time to enjoy flowers, watching the morning dew on the flowers gradually evaporates as the sun rises, the natural relationship is so wonderful.During the Spring Festival, lanterns and decorations are everywhere, which add radiance to the flowers in Kunming, creating an unforgettable beauty and a hot and joyful festive atmosphere.Kunming is like spring all the year round. Even in winter, it has comfortable and warm sunshine, blue sky and white clouds, clear and warm.Noon has come, and are you not looking for food?Is both “Kunming year”, must eat fried baits block, aroma spray small pot rice noodles, rich warm body steam pot chicken, refreshing flowers cake, or find an alley to buy a baked potato holding in the palm, with a dish of delicious “fermented”, will kunming taste income five zang temple.In the afternoon, the bookstore, teahouse and coffee shop of Wenlin Street are crowded with people, some of them are quiet readers, some of them are talking, some of them are sitting quietly enjoying the scenery, and they always welcome the youngest audience. Kunming is a place where ideas meet and creativity comes out, and it is a heaven for creators.Active people are already on their way, stone forest karst landform, Jiuxiang karst cave wonders, anning Hot Spring, Baofeng Wetland Park…The hot future of Kunming is to enjoy the wonderful scenery, soak in the hot spring and experience the most exciting and interesting cultural and recreational projects.The sun set in the west.Under the setting sun, the golden horse biji Fang reflected gold, beautiful;Sedan chair mountain head snow, waiting for the predestined person to encounter this beauty;Big fold water falls gradually fold up the sharp edge.As night draws near, people begin their journey home.The other is about to embrace a modern vision.The west Mountain, sleeping Beauty and Dianchi Lake, clean and quiet;Dongchuan red earth scroll like spread out.Kunming is blessed by nature as well as history.All over the sky the sunset reflected the “magnificent” of the busy traffic, the modern high-rise lights are brilliant, the pace of the city will not stop, Kunming people love their jobs and work hard to promote the development of the city, and Kunming city is feeding the Kunming people.It is youshi Kunming, Yingman Kunming people and love kunming city.When the lights come on, the time shines brightly, reflecting another life in the city.You sing and I come on stage, Qian Wang Street staged Beijing Opera of the world;”A river, a city, an era of memory”, Panlong River at night to show charming gorgeous;Desheng Bridge to Shuanglong Bridge section of guandu fishing lanterns, full of fire, just like the sky stars;Nanqiang Street is crowded with people, and the integration of historical culture and night economy highlights the charm of provincial historical and cultural blocks.1903 park shines…It is a busy night in Kunming, with veils of veils and extreme attraction gathered into the night of Kunming, a regional and international center city.”𫏋 to dianchi lake, place 300 li, beside the flat ground, fat rao thousandsAs early as 2000 years ago, “Dian Kingdom” appeared here.The “Dian people” wearing chui ji, the “Kunming people” with double plaits, and even the exotic people with high noses and deep purpose all leave their mark on the glory and iterations of Kunming in the gears of history.Kunming is still Kunming. The exchange of different cultures and the collision of beliefs of different ethnic groups have created an inclusive and extensive Kunming that is accessible to both inside and outside.The night was still and moonlit, and the imprint of the revolutions of the past was burning hot in the city.The Hall sent more than 4,000 officers and generals for the Chinese revolution.Swu is a miracle in the history of world education.The revolutionary prairie fire burned to Kunming, Kunming people regardless of personal danger into the revolutionary cause, a gun, the victory of the revolution!Like this New Year’s firecrackers, ring broken sky, bring hope.”Get up!Those who do not want to be slaves will build our new Great Wall of flesh and blood.”This is the song of revolutionary advance, but also the song of revolutionary victory, day after day echoed in the Tomb of Nie er in Xishan;With the spirit of Nie er’s revolution, nie er Symphony Orchestra has played the sound of revolution around the world.In the past, this revolutionary song led the Red Army to advance, launched a battle horn in Lukou, fought bloody battles to survive Kedu, with blood and flesh for the younger generation in exchange for happiness today.In the middle of the night, these revolutionary sites shine, illuminating our way forward.At the end of the day, the city begins to rotate.Before the horizon was white, part of the “Spring city” woke up.Sorting, packaging and shipping hundreds of millions of flowers around the world;The guardians of the city who patrol all night make their last journey and are ready to call it quits;The sanitation workers pack up and get ready for duty;Public transport is about to depart from the starting point…The city, alive.Twelve hours round and round, this is Kunming.Day after day, year after year, unmoving, day after day.People are connected with each other, intersect with each other, and the soil and water of kunming, the “spring city”, has nurtured the Kunming people.The stories of Kunming people accumulate from generation to generation and become the culture of Kunming history.Tourism and culture in kunming, the Spring Festival will come collect the most complete article travel industry in kunming, the Spring Festival activities and preferential information planning: xiao-ying liu Luo Rongchan Li jie reporters: r. vishny editor: Guo Jianli Yuki to practice editor: is a male Cui Qing Baltic to design: hong-tao Chen posters some pictures provided by the kunming city culture and tourism