Shock!!!Nanchong Dahe Washington rotten tail years to be delivered?

2022-05-08 0 By

I believe that many people have a certain understanding of dahe Washington, because it is one of the famous rotten buildings in Nanchong.At the end of last year, the real estate notice its owners can be dealt with after the housing formalities, in the near future, and spread the real estate housing news, so, rotten tail years of the project is really about to make a house?To this end, xiaobian went to the field investigation.When I arrived at the sales department of the project, the time of delivery had been erased and the door of the sales department was open.Further on, there is a notice on the gate of the construction site that the wages of the construction workers will be settled.Inside, it’s a field of weeds and dilapidated roads, and some of the land has been used for growing vegetables.Go further, you can see a construction vehicle in operation, I wonder if this wasteland will be carried out construction.This dirt road leads to the residential area. The entry points are locked. The exterior of the house still looks very much like a new house, and the bottom row is supposed to be a parking lot.The old man who asked the door learned that this piece of wasteland cannot be started temporarily because there is no money for construction.However, the first phase of the project may be delivered in the first half, and the second phase depends on whether it can be delivered in the second half.Come out from wasteland, continue to go forward, see the original enclosure has been removed, look down from this staircase, the residential green has not completed, just completed the construction of cement road surface.Further ahead, is the gate of the community, currently there are security kiosks and staff on the scene, the door is also hanging a banner to welcome the owners home.Both sides of the gate are planted with green plants. Although there is very little green in the community, there are festive decorations on the only green plants.There is a decorated tree on the side of each block, but the rest of the communal green area is completely devoid of any greenery.Entering the building, you can see that the door and elevator have been installed, indicating that the project is also working in succession.Asked the security from the community, the current community may soon reach the housing conditions, but the high-rise may need to wait.The next high-rise is also surrounded by enclosures, facades and Windows are not yet under construction.The underground garage is also closed.Go further, once the name of hualian International City is still there, but the surrounding has been overgrown with weeds.The planned location of the hotel was not constructed, leaving only a lone tower crane.Xiaobian at the scene also heard the owners of the community complaining to each other, said that the baby was born when I bought the house, and now the baby is in school, the result of the house has not moved in, can not help but feel sad.Most people need to drain all their savings to buy a house, and buying a house means they don’t have to move from place to place.However, due to the developers, the owners not only can not have their own new home, but also have to continue renting, which will produce more costs and family conflicts.I hope the project can be completed as soon as possible, and also the owners of a home harbor.