Star yao bureau top shooter was born, suppress Yu Ji, instantaneous Sun Shangxiang, no Nemesis in the end

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Hello, everyone!I’m Lao Zhang.In King of Glory, archer hero is the core output position of the team. With the continuous update and promotion of the game version, the strength of development path has been greatly weakened by the official.And the current is obviously not a strong version of the archer, but more inclined to balance, and since it is balance, then the early nature also needs to develop smoothly.And why in the present by many players ridicule?That is, the tempo and development requirements become higher in the early stage, otherwise it is difficult to rise again.Also today, star yao bureau top shooter was born, suppress Yu Ji, instantaneous Sun Shangxiang, no Nemesis in the end.Yu Ji is the bane of all physical burst heroes in the current version, and for other shooters, it’s the assassin heroes who control them the most.But for Yu Ji, it was no exaggeration to say that she had restrained the assassin.Its fearsome damage avoidance and acceleration combined with high bursts have made countless assassins fear.In terms of inscriptions, it is recommended to the five Ravages, the Five Hunts, the ten Eagle eyes, the seven Scourges, the three Peerless, the endless Blade and the Dawn.Endless can greatly improve Yu Ji’s output and critical hits, and even a 200% physical bonus for a skill. The high damage bonus allows her to effectively provide a skill bonus.Sun Shangxiang as one of the current strong shooter heroes, a skill gives her excellent ability to pull, and strengthen the mechanism of the next general attack is undoubted output means.If there are enemies around, it will also increase its movement speed, which is very suitable for exploring the grass.When Sun Shangxiang 2 hits the opponent’s hero, it will not only cause damage and slow down.It also increases the armor sunder effect of your next attack.Maximize damage with either an enhanced general attack or a big move, and use a big move to lower the opponent’s health before the battle.Gello is a hero with very simple hero mechanics, but even veteran players get it wrong when it comes to skills.I think many players are accustomed to master one, but in fact they need master two. Maybe many players think that skill one is the core skill of Gello, but it is not the case that the higher the level of core skill, the higher the income.Only 2 spell damage per level is added to the first attack, which lasts 4 times for 2 seconds, and only 8 spell damage.Master ii increases damage by two and also reduces cooldown by 0.8 seconds per level.With short legs, Lu Ban is one of the few heroes who can stay hot for long periods of time, but his lack of displacement skills makes him vulnerable to being cut in by an assassin.But put aside these questions, so simple Lu Ban no. 7 you really can play?Take the second skill of Lu Ban no. 7 for example, it is important to keep the second skill during the group battle to prevent the opponent’s assassin hero from touching his face. It can effectively separate the two sides.Moreover is two skill collocation flash can also achieve reverse push, can easily hit the other side into the defense tower.For such a can suppress Yu Ji, instantaneous Sun Shangxiang, out of the end of the world no Nemesis hero, you moved?So that’s all that Lao Zhang has brought to you in this issue. See you next time!I am Lao Zhang, a king of Glory fan, looking forward to your attention,