A mother-in-law is a rival to a son-in-law before marriage and a close friend after marriage

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On the second day of the lunar New Year, the custom of most people in northern China is to return to their parents’ home.On this day, married daughters visit their parents with their husbands and children.The bride’s parents, as elders, also prepared and entertained the son-in-law with great care.It is interesting that most sons-in-law and mothers-in-law have a very good relationship.When the mother-in-law came to visit her son-in-law, she treated him as a guest of honor, ordering her daughter around and letting her husband have a good rest.This attitude is a complete reversal from the time before marriage when men were asked to marry their daughters.Once fierce rivals in the race to marry their daughters, they became close friends.What is the logic behind this?Let’s first analyze the relationship between mother-in-law and son-in-law before marriage.At this time, the son-in-law is still called the man, and the mother-in-law also plays the role of the woman’s mother.It’s like a business negotiation, with each side trying to convince the other side of their demands.So in this case, the mother-in-laws will pull out all the stops to get the better of the prospective son-in-law at the negotiating table.Sometimes even put forward some unreasonable requirements, the purpose is to be difficult for the son-in-law.This process, in fact quasi – mother-in-law is also testing the quasi – son-in-law from many aspects.To buy a house and bride price is to determine the economic strength of the son-in-law, and also to determine whether the son-in-law is willing to pay these visible wealth for his daughter.Besides, at the negotiation table of marriage, there will naturally be some exchanges and communication between you and me, and the negotiation process can actually reveal a person’s connotation and ability.If the prospective son-in-law can meet the requirements of the prospective mother-in-law both externally and internally, the marriage is likely to be perfect.But as we all know, real life isn’t perfect.In fact, in the negotiation table of marriage, there is often time for both sides to spend a lot of trouble, talk collapsed, and finally both men and women have to separate the case is countless.So, if a son-in-law can successfully pass the mother-in-law’s test at the negotiating table, in fact, it means that he belongs to the minority of winners.Of course, there are also some special cases, for example, in the negotiation process, the daughter to be married is biased to the man, or the woman is pregnant before the marriage, then the mother-in-law actually has the disadvantage in the negotiation process, and the whole negotiation is unfair.This may cause later mothers-in-law to stop treating her son-in-law as a close friend after marriage.Because the son-in-law was cheating from the start.So why did the relationship between son-in-law and mother-in-law become close friends after marriage?In fact, the reason is very simple, it is like you go to the college entrance examination, through their unremitting efforts, finally admitted to their favorite university.Then what the university needs is talent. Although the entrance examination is cruel, when the right talent is screened out, the university will do its best to cultivate you.Because if you can’t train you, when you graduate, it’s a disgrace to this university.Mother-in-law is also the same, this son-in-law is their own choice, to meet the requirements of their married daughter, so the treatment of son-in-law is also every kind of care, or not also hit their face.Besides, in addition to the necessary hard and fast conditions, most of the sons-in-law who can be selected also have an affinity with the mother-in-law.In other words, if the mother-in-law is good at her heart, the son-in-law will feel that the mother-in-law and he are also good at her, which creates a chemical reaction to some extent.What’s more important is that the mother-in-law also wants to be considerate. She is nice to you, but she actually wants you to be nice to her daughter, which will help the harmony of the whole family.Some of my friends, although their mother-in-law required a lot before they got married, after they got married, their mother-in-law fully supported their family by providing them with an apartment with three bedrooms and a living room in the city and a car.So that’s the magic of marriage.Turns two unrelated families into related families.That’s why we have a saying in China: “One son-in-law, half son.”And that’s exactly what it says.The mother-in-law will treat her son-in-law as her son, and the son-in-law will treat her mother-in-law as his own mother.Readers, if you have a different opinion on the topic of the relationship between son-in-law and mother-in-law.Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.I am Nick mortal, every day to take you to understand life, feel life.