Egypt have won two of their three extra-time penalties in the latest African Cup of Nations match

2022-05-09 0 By

Cameroon and Egypt battled for a second place in the Africa Cup of Nations 2021 semi-final on Sunday.Egypt beat Cameroon 3-1 in a penalty shootout after a 0-0 draw in the 90th and 120th minutes.Egypt were on the counter-attack as usual and in the ninth minute Premiership striker Salah Wang had a chance from the top of the box, only to drive his volley wide.In the 18th minute, Ngamalemou took a corner kick from the right for Cameroon. Ngadeou headed the ball into the back spot and, BOOM, the ball was saved by the post. Egypt escaped.Both sides had chances in the first half but failed to take them and were tied 0-0 at half-time.In the 56th minute, Egypt closed down the middle and front field, Tulo made a mistake on the backpass, And Salah broke the ball at high speed to get a good chance, but he slipped the ball past the attacking goalkeeper Onana, onana scooped the ball away and missed the chance.In the 71st minute, Cameroon quickly counterattacked in the middle of the road, Egypt’s back defense kept the ball out in succession. In front of the top of the penalty area, it was a long distance. Guyt shot in the chaos of the battle, and a BOOM shot was blocked by the post again.After 90 minutes, the game went into extra time and Egypt reached the knockout stage, where 3 consecutive games have gone to extra time.After 30 minutes of tedious extra time, no goal was scored and the game went to penalties.Taking the game into extra time tipped the balance of victory in Egypt’s favour, given their psychological and experience dominance.First round Abubakar, Zizo will be the penalty kick.Mohamed Mkudi’s second penalty was well saved by Goalkeeper Abougabbar, while Mohamed Munim converted to give Egypt a 2-1 lead.The third penalty shot from Sliki was saved by Abougabar and Rasheen also hit to give Egypt a 3-1 lead.Cameroon’s fourth appearance of N ‘Jie more pressure, direct point shot wide, Salah this penalty shootout directly did not play the opportunity, Cameroon side missed 3 penalties in a row after the “send” Egypt into the final, 3 overtime 2 penalty shootout, Egypt in this century’s fifth African Cup of Nations final.Salah will face teammate Mane in the final, and many people summed up the current mood of The Liverpool team.