“First prize, Gu Ailing!”Winter Olympics scene, this voice from our Jinan girl

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Gu Ailing of China won her second gold medal in women’s halfpipe at the Winter Olympic Games on Sunday morning.At this point, Gu Ailing’s trip to the Beijing Winter Olympics ended successfully, with two gold and one silver.Su Yiming, another high-profile skier at the Winter Olympics, won a gold medal and a silver medal.As the Chinese announcer of the Shougang ski big jump, Yue Liang, a girl from Jinan, witnessed and narrated gu Ailing and Su Yiming’s winning moment.This special experience also made her feel the spirit of hard work and love of skiers.Yue Liang is an alumnus of Shandong Experimental High School in 2019 and a junior majoring in broadcasting and hosting at Communication University of China.In 2020, Yue Liang saw the Chinese broadcast selection notice for the Winter Olympics recommended by his college teacher in his class group, and then submitted bilingual commentary video and school scores for an offline interview after passing the review.”The interview mainly tests the professional ability, and carries on the test to the opening prompt sound.After passing the test, I was assigned to figure skating as a Chinese announce. after several months of training for the test, the organizing committee of the Winter Olympics made the final interview selection.”In early August 2021, Yue Liang passed the final assessment and was appointed as the Chinese announcer of shougang Ski Big Jump, responsible for on-site commentary and sports demonstration and announcement before and after the competition.”The randomness of snow sports events is quite strong, and it has high requirements on the professional ability and adaptability of on-site interpretation.”Before that, Yue Liang had no skiing experience and was not familiar with skiing events. In addition to his school work, yue liang was preparing for the Winter Olympics and did not go back home during the Spring Festival.”In order to provide more professional and wonderful commentary, I have been learning the technical movements of the platform by myself, watching a lot of competition videos and collecting athletes’ information from various channels during the six months from the appointed post to the first post.”Yue liang told reporters that he made a study schedule and clocked in every day. He repeatedly watched world-class skiing competitions such as the Winter Olympics, ski World Cup, Ski World Championship and Winter Extreme Games.”In the process of watching the competition, we should pay attention to the commentary and carefully observe the athletes’ movements. We often play the video repeatedly at slow speed. I watched the skiing video of the last Winter Olympics five or six times.”In the process of watching the competition, Yue liang also recorded and sorted out 41 Chinese and English skiing noun explanations.In addition, Yue liang sorted out the data of 120 skiers based on the INTERNATIONAL Snow Federation ranking and the list of competitors.”In the preparation process, I recorded the athletes’ competition scenes, movement habits and injuries. I also followed the athletes’ social media to learn about their hobbies and daily life.”As a member of the post-00s generation, it was yue’s first time commentating for a sports event.She admitted that she had been under a lot of psychological pressure during the preparation process and had broken down in tears several times, but her fellow Olympic team members always gave her encouragement and confidence.Yue Liang shared that his English broadcasting partner has rich experience in ski event commentary and participated in the on-site commentary of the previous Winter Olympics. “I consulted him many times and consulted many professional questions during the preparation process.His guidance and encouragement eased my nerves.””How lucky it was to witness the first gold medal of the Olympic Games in the big jump of freestyle skiing, how lucky it was to be able to speak with pride in the glory of our country.Thanks to the rapid development of The Times, small I can also shine.”Recalling the event broadcast live, Gu Ailing won the scene still impressed Yue Liang.On February 8, Yue Liang witnessed Gu Ailing win the gold medal of freestyle ski platform with his voice.When she read out “The first winner is Gu Ailing of the People’s Republic of China” at the medal ceremony after the race, she was close to tears.Yue liang said that when Gu was about to take the third jump, the announcer had to make the audience realize that this jump was very important, and everyone was waiting to see what Gu would do.’I was so surprised when I found out it was 1620 weeks later and all the staff in the control room were cheering for her.In Yue liang’s opinion, Gu is a competition type player, very confident and brave, and this jump is also a good proof.On February 15, China’s Su Yiming won the men’s snowboard platform final at the Beijing Winter Olympics. Yue Liang also broadcast from the control room.”There were a lot of spectators at the match. I could hear the cheers of the audience through my headphones when Su made her third jump.”Yue Liang recalled that when Su yiming won, he Qifang, a poet, wrote the poem “Prophecy” in his mind, the scene said that “since ancient times, the hero comes out of the youth, you are the young god in the prophecy” this comment.Although the whole preparation process was very hard, when the competition officially began, Yue Liang gained a lot of touching in the process of commentary. He found that he gradually changed from a calm spectator to an understanding of their tactics, emotions, thinking and personality, and felt that his previous efforts and hard work were worthwhile.”During the competition, I cried for the athletes several times. Every athlete has his own personality and characteristics.For example, Su would bow to the audience at the end of each jump to express her thanks.”Yue Liang told reporters that in the process of explanation, he felt more intuitively the love of skiing athletes, behind the efforts and dare to fight not afraid of losing the spirit.As a live announcer, Yue Liang not only to broadcast the event, but also to activate the atmosphere of the scene, so that the audience of each contestant to understand.This is Zoe Sinnott’s moment. It doesn’t matter what the medal is. Just standing on the field, they will prove themselves……”Yue Liang was commenting after Zoe Sinnott of New Zealand finished her third jump in the women’s snowboard platform final.When Zoe Sinnott made a mistake on her third jump and won the silver medal, the athletes hugged her.In Yue liang’s opinion, every competitor deserves respect and applause, and I hope everyone can see the second place as well as the gold medalist.From the practice on February 1st to the last commentary on February 15th, Yue Liang broadcast a total of 8 games live.From the initial nervous expression to more confident expression, Yue Liang also grew in this Winter Olympics, harvest a lot of happiness and beautiful memories.”I’m a bit of a perfectionist, but I was afraid to try new things.The experience of commentating on the Winter Olympics has opened my personality and I want to experience more interesting things in the future.”Yue Liang introduced that his sports show team includes live announcer, sports show assistant, DJ, etc., are mainly “after 90” “after 00” young people.In Yue liang’s opinion, youth and skiing are very similar, full of energy and passion.”Our team partners, though young, are all professionals in their respective fields and carry China’s voice in the Winter Olympics with a sense of momentum.”In this Winter Olympics, Yue Liang also made many like-minded friends and agreed to go skiing together after the competition.Like a skier, Yue Liang is also working hard in his favorite field.In his first year of high school, Yue became interested in dubbing, started an audio account for reading audio books, and realized his goal of being admitted to communication University of China.Now, Yue liang wants to pursue his master’s degree and engage in dubbing related work in the future.Source: Qilu Evening News · Qilu One point reporter