Fuyang today ushered in a heavy snow, the next weather?Please keep this reminder

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According to the forecast of the regional meteorological station, there will be obvious rain and snow weather in the daytime today. The plain area will be cloudy with sleet or snow, and the amount of rain and snow will be medium to large. There will be heavy snow in the mountain area, and some local snowstorms.Tonight the rain and snow gradually stopped to overcast day, the 8th overcast day.February 7, cloudy with sleet or snow during the day, rain and snow medium to large, heavy snow in the mountains, local snowstorm, rain and snow gradually stopped at night to cloudy day, temperature 1℃ to 3℃;February 8th cloudy day, occasionally light rain, temperature 1℃ to 6℃;On February 9, cloudy sometimes with light rain, temperature 2℃ to 5℃;On February 10, cloudy to cloudy, temperature 4℃ to 7℃;February 11, cloudy with light rain, temperature 3℃ to 7℃;February 12, cloudy with light rain, temperature 4℃ to 9℃;February 13, cloudy with light rain, temperature 5℃ to 10℃.The snow and freezing weather in Silver Lake is expected to cause inconvenience to people in our district.1. Pay attention to water safety: if residents find water pipes frozen, unable to draw water normally, or pipe burst, overflow, need to immediately pull the power off, put an end to leakage electric shock accident.If the water pipe has been frozen, please wrap the faucet with a towel first, and then pour warm water along the faucet to defrost the water pipe. Do not grill it with fire or burn it with boiling water.2. Pay attention to house safety: long-term and large-scale snowfall will pose a certain threat to the house safety of residents. In case of snowstorm, it is forbidden to repair the roof against the strong wind.Residents who go out should be vigilant, pay attention to the surrounding environment, beware of power lines, tree branches, billboards broken by the wind or snow.3. Pay attention to the safety of electricity and fire: in cold weather, household electricity consumption increases, and some safety risks also increase.We hope that while doing a good job in keeping warm, we should pay attention to electrical safety and be sure to use electric heating equipment correctly.Do not use charcoal, fire or coal stove heating, to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning and fire accidents.4. Reserve moderately in advance: Reserve a certain amount of food, water and commonly used medicines.For travel, the road is icy and slippery in the snow weather, so the elderly and children should try their best to avoid frostbite or slip.Pedestrians should pay attention to anti-skid, anti-fall, away from snow trees, billboards and hanging ice cable, eaves;Please use public transportation whenever possible;Please slow down the vehicle, gently step on the brake, keep the distance.1. If the surface of the water meter, the joint of the water meter and the water pipe are frozen and cracked, users can call the 24-hour customer service hotline of Fuyang Water 96390.2. If the hotline is busy, you can call fuyang Water 8 area business offices on duty emergency repair telephone.Fuchun Business Tel: 63323929;East business Office tel: 61771738;Silver Lake Business Office tel: 63432499;Changkou Business Office Tel: 63571120;Dayuan Business Office Tel: 63591161;Lingqiao business office tel: 63551750;New branch tel: 63252457;Chengtou Group Comprehensive Service Center Jiangnan Business Hall Tel: 63337126.Source: District Flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters Snow and Frost Prevention Office Yinhu Street Dongqiao Town Wanshi Town Yongchang Town Photograph: Xu Xiaohong Editor: Tong Yongyan First instance: Sun Ying second instance: Zhang Qiming final instance: Lu Yongqiang