Shenyang whole network do a newborn thing

2022-05-09 0 By

Shenyang whole network do a newborn thing (reporter Zou Xinrui correspondent Dong Xiujuan) Shenyang, Liaoning Province recently launched “a newborn thing” whole network do.The newborn mother herself can log in shenyang government affairs service network or “Shenyang Government affairs Service” App to handle “birth medical certificate, newborn settlement registration, newborn medical insurance participation registration, newborn social security card application” 4 business.Newborns born in shenyang Women and Infants Hospital, Shenyang Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital, Shenyang First People’s Hospital and other 11 hospitals can do the whole network “newborn one thing”.The whole network to do “a newborn thing” restrictions include: the newborn is born in marriage, and has been identified by name;Both parents are residents of the People’s Republic of China, and at least one of them is a registered resident of Shenyang;Ethnic identity of both parents;If settle down agricultural household registration, need offline processing.This article by “original” original certification, the author of health Newspaper Co., LTD., visit Yuanben. IO query for authorization information.(Zou Xinrui and Dong Xiujuan) Editor in charge: Xiao Yun