Strengthen seedling monitoring and dispatch to serve agricultural production actively

2022-05-09 0 By

Seedling dispatch is an important means, way and way for agricultural technology departments at all levels to grasp the agricultural conditions in time, guide production scientifically and predict the yield correctly.In recent years, heyang County agricultural technology center miao situation dispatch work as the focus of business work unremitting.This year, we strictly implement the province’s agricultural technology system to strengthen the seedling dispatching work to promote the spirit of video conference, many times organize staff in the station strictly in accordance with the seedling dispatching indicators, fixed time, solid seedling field survey, develop technical guidance.Recently, heyang County agricultural technology center technical personnel to the county dry land, irrigated land one, two, three types of wheat field seedling situation monitoring points, investigation of the group dynamics, a comprehensive analysis of the current farmland soil moisture and wheat field seedling situation, do point combination, accurate data.In the future, efforts will be increased to carefully organize the implementation of corn, rape, soybean seedling monitoring work, improve the seedling scheduling network, the designated person responsible for implementation.In addition, according to the requirements of provincial and municipal business departments, the agricultural technology station of the agricultural Technology Center strengthened the dispatch of winter wheat seedling situation, and filled in the form of forms every week on March 1, March 7, March 14, March 21 and March 28 to provide timely and effective seedling situation information for the provincial agricultural technology station.Through the smooth development of this work, it will be more conducive to higher agricultural departments timely, accurate and comprehensive understanding of first-hand agricultural information, so as to scientifically and rationally formulate relevant policies and technical measures, and guide agricultural production.(Contributed by Ma Lili)