With the new!Dongguan Marina Bay New Area has a new punch in!

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With the new!With the new!Dongguan Marina Bay New Area has a new punch in!It is a good choice for New Year’s travel!Online celebrity attractions in The Marina Bay New Area were newly launched recently, and the trial operation of the Flower Park in The Marina Bay Flower Park opened to welcome visitors.”Marina Bay · Flower Sea” flower Park is located in the east of Miao Chung, south of Marina Bay Avenue, west of Longchung and north of Binhai Post station.The park has a total open area of 124,000 square meters, including 15,000 square meters of supporting parking lots with 300 parking Spaces.Last year, during the National Day holiday, the flower Sea was partially opened to 47,500 square meters, which was favored by many citizens. Now it is fully open, and it will become another popular spot in The Marina Bay New Area.The flower Sea gives full play to the ecological advantages of “one corridor, three green heart and three water systems” in Marina Bay, making the beautiful natural landscape and modern urban characteristics integrated and interwoven.Wandering in the sea of flowers, standing on the air bridge overlooking the colorful flowers in bloom, this picturesque top visual feast, do not miss.It is understood that the flower sea planting varieties include 17 species, including red-feathered wolftail, acanthus bougainvillea, Anbougainvillea, Acanthus vericifolius, Polycephalus sunflower, drunken butterfly flower, Imphimens, blue snowflake, cosmos and so on.Location: Binhai Bay Avenue, Binhai Bay New Area, Dongguan city, Guangdong ProvinceStanding on the footpath of Longmiao Section of The Vitality Corridor of Coastal Landscape, you can look at the boundless sea in front and the green plant landscape behind you. In the twilight of the setting sun, sunset clouds and lone birds are flying together, and the beautiful scenery of the harmony of sea and sky is reflected in front of you.The project from Longyong to Miaoyong section is located in the Jiaoyiwan block of Dongguan Binhai Bay New Area, between Longyong and Miaoyong, close to Binhai Bay Avenue, west to the reclamation boundary, north to miaoyong estuary, south to Longyong estuary, with a construction area of 17.06 hectares and a coastline length of 1.93 km.Last Year’s National Day, the Vitality Corridor longmiao section has been built 120 meters of coastal promenade and binhai Station square platform.In the past five months, the 1.3-kilometer seawall and coastal walkway have been built, providing a new place for visitors to visit, relax and exercise, and bringing people closer to the ocean.Location: Longmiao section of Coastal Landscape Vitality Corridor is located near Binhai Post Station (search binhai Post Station for map).As you walk along the trail, you can see shimmering shoots and lush mangroves on one side and clusters of small flowers on the long grassy slope, among which the Xanxi Garden “hides”.The demonstration section of Miaochung Ecological Corridor is located between Binhai Avenue and Dongwan Avenue, close to Xinghai Road and southwest section of Miaochung. The total length is about 500m and the total area is about 8 hectares. It contains four main nodes: south entrance square, mangrove science popularization platform, low-carbon post station and Hanxi Garden.▲ After the opening of the miaoyong Ecological Corridor demonstration section of Hanxi Garden, it provides a good place for citizens to relax.People can come to the river for exercise at dusk in the early morning, sit on wooden benches and listen to the babbling water, or “clock in” selfies against the viewing fence, enjoying the warm winter sun and relaxing in the fresh environment.River with seabird knowledge popular science knowledge card, here to take a walk exercise, but also can grow a lot of new knowledge!Miao Chung Ecological Corridor is located at the junction of Xinghai Road and Marina Bay Avenue. The following is the map location