After Fengxian, the girls who lost their sense of security

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Qi 11 No one would have thought that the situation of Fengxian “Little Flower plum” would set off a storm in China, no result, can not calm down.Fengxian and Xuzhou abducted women shocking situation, let countless women feel sad, but also bring fengxian after a consequence: women lost the sense of security.These days, many women on Douban are expressing the same idea: in the past, they had traveled to many places by themselves with swords, but after fengxian county, they all began to feel afraid.It turns out that it’s so easy for women to get hit with a bludgeon, lose everything, and descend into hell on earth.This has been happening for decades.So many women are still struggling in hell.I have traveled to many places alone, north and south, at home and abroad.China has always been considered a relatively safe place.Of course, I also pay more attention to travel, mostly to cities, tourist attractions, almost never take a ride, do not go to the wilderness…But none of this can erase one undertone: luck.You are just lucky that you did not stray into a “little red building” in Shanghai and become a prostitute or sex slave because you were looking for a job. You were not abducted and sold to a village in Hebei province because you answered a stranger’s directions on the road in Beijing. You did not have Li Ying and Lu Qing who disappeared inexplicably and have not been heard from yet.▲ The movie “Blind Mountain” shows how a girl was kidnapped, trafficked and raped.I, too, have experienced deep female fears on the road.That one time, I received the most profound safety education.All of this is less than 10, 000 times what happens to women who are trafficked and raped.01 It was in the central mountainous area of an island that I passed through in gap year when I just graduated from college.Maybe I opened it in the wrong way. When I first arrived there, I felt the scenery was mediocre and there was not much to see.So it was when I met the young local boy that I became interested in what he had to say.Now I have no recollection of where I met him or how we talked.I just remember him saying he knew where the best view was and he could take me there on his motorcycle.If I have any personal strengths, it might be one of them.When you meet someone, you subconsciously use your senses to determine whether they are trustworthy and approachable.The feeling about the boy was: He’s not a bad guy, so I went with him.Insert warning here: I do so, after all, is wrong.Putting yourself in this position is dangerous, no matter how intuitive you are — a young woman, alone in a strange country (or even a scenic spot), riding on a motorcycle with a man or woman she knows well, to a completely unfamiliar, uninhabited place, can be a source of unexpected danger.For example, the post-1990 generation may not be familiar with it, but among the post-1980 generation who love to travel, that event has a great influence.In 2011, Wei Yin, a girl from Guangdong province, was traveling alone in Yunnan, Tibet and Sichuan.Travel to sichuan-Yunnan junction, she took a local adult man’s motorcycle, similar to the “motorcycle”, ready to go to the next travel destination, but in the middle of the missing.After considerable efforts by the family and the police to find her, they finally received the bad news that she had been killed.▲ Notice of missing person at that time.To remember Wei Yin.The man who killed her was the motorcycle taxi driver.The man saw the camera hanging around Wei Yin’s neck, and when he saw the uprising, he stopped in a deserted place and robbed her.She fought back, but the man hit her in the head with a rock and killed her.Wei Yin’s experience, it is very sad, but also enough to illustrate the dangers girls may encounter outside alone.Really, girls should not be alone with complete strangers in a closed, dangerous space, that is very likely to bring danger to themselves.Back when I was on the island in the mountains.Soon after I got on the motorcycle, I regretted it.The deeper I went into the landscape, the more worried I became.”God, if this guy tries to do something to me in a place like this, I’ll scream and nobody will.”Then my mind was full of thoughts and apprehensions, and my vigilance rose with a mighty heave.I don’t know why, but I sensed what the boy was thinking, too, and there was a strange, uneasy feeling in the air.He seemed to be thinking, hesitating, as if he were fighting his own internal battle.That’s kind of an evocative scene, isn’t it?He’s in the ascendant, and a man, in that situation, will come up with ideas.The only thing that makes him worry is that as a man of good nature, his deep conscience resists crime and evil thoughts, and worries and fears about the consequences.We arrive somewhere in silence and invisible glue.He stopped the car and said that this was the beginning of the scenery. The car in front could not drive in, so we had to walk along the path until we reached the exit.As soon as he stopped, I jumped out of the car and, pretending to be calm, thanked him from a distance.The expression on his face, trying to hide it, made me know at once that all my feelings were right — hesitation, reluctance, some unfinished meaning.Then, pretending to be at leisure, I actually quietly quickened my pace.Fortunately, he did not follow.I walked quickly and nervously back to my hotel.I don’t remember how the boy showed up outside my hotel or how we left our number.That evening he texted me to have dinner and sing at a KTV in our town, but I said no (I was scared to death).My heart tightened when I heard the sound of his motorbike outside the hotel.He lingered outside for some time, waiting, and finally left.But I was meant to have a sleepless night.I still remember that I left the light on all night, and the white light filled the room with bright light. The island town with lush plants was surrounded by quiet green forests, and there were also many mosquitoes and animals. They followed the light to enter the room, spiders, four-legged mollusks, and many small insects that could not be named…I kept my eyes open, alert for any noise, afraid that someone might sneak in after I fell asleep.Those crawling spiders and insects are also things I have been afraid of since childhood, trembling all over, the kind of goose bumps.It was a great joy and relief when I finally got through the day. I had never been so glad to see the daylight begin to shine a little.After breakfast at the hotel, I rushed to the bus station and bought a ticket for the first bus back to the nearby city.I kept repeating to myself at that time: Never put yourself in such a dangerous situation again!Never want to experience this huge, real fear again in my life.▲ I, too, have traveled a great deal, and I never worried about the dangers of the journey.The picture is in Da Lat, Vietnam.02 if I experienced the danger of a certain extent, can rely on strong vigilance, high safety awareness to avoid, but those who walk in the streets of Beijing, Shanghai girls, those girls abducted at home, relatives who work to find the name, be deceived the trafficking of women, and how to escape from the trap of small-scale operations?It was only one encounter with possible danger in a strange country, and I felt great fear.Those puzzling girls in hell, and was carved how deep bone marrow trauma……And everything is irreversible, as long as the encounter once, the girl’s life is ruined.▲ Cao Xiaoqing, a girl from Sichuan, was abducted to Inner Mongolia.He was then sold to someone else by his husband.Over the next decade, she was sold several times, abused by her family, and sexually assaulted by her father and son.▲ The 76-year-old man picked up the 29-year-old homeless girl Yang Xiaoping, “kindly took her in”, and gave birth to the baby.▲ A 2012 news program exposed he Chenghui, a female college student in Mianyang who had been abducted for 17 years.She was bought by the old bachelor for 12 yuan and slept on a plank without a quilt in winter.Like Zhang Xiaoya (not her real name), a Beijing girl who was abducted from her home at the age of 14, sold to the village of Gaobeidian in Hebei Province, gave birth at 15 and escaped from captivity six years later.But when she got home, everything had changed.Her accent has changed, her appearance has changed, and the whole person has a great sense of incongruity. She is completely in a different world from her former classmates.She’ll never get back the life that was supposed to be hers.I also saw the moments posted by the reporter who wrote the story.She said, “This is the first time I saw zhang Xiaoya news after 22 years of writing this article, but I didn’t follow up with her for various reasons.The same thing happened 22 years later. It’s so cruel.”She also forwarded the news of Lawyer Lin of qianqian law firm that assisted Zhang xiaoya: in 2003, Zhang xiaoya’s father sought help from Peking University Women’s Law Center, the predecessor of Qianqian Law Firm, to help Xiaoya dissolve her marriage.Her marriage was annulled with the help of a lawyer.Unfortunately, neither Tian Zhixiang nor Tian Zhibin were prosecuted for trafficking in women.The Fengtai District Procuratorate decided not to prosecute Tian Zhixiang for his crime of illegal detention because of “unclear facts and insufficient evidence”.Although Tian Zhibin was arrested for rape and illegal detention, the Fengtai District Court sentenced him to 13 years in prison because of his “rape of a young girl, the consequences are serious”. The crime of illegal detention of less than 3 years was not mentioned, and the crime of abducting and selling women of more than 5 years and less than 10 years was not prosecuted, of course, there was no combined punishment for several crimes.Xiaoya also filed a criminal incidental civil lawsuit, claimed tian Zhibin and Tian Zhiqing compensation for their mental loss of 120,000, her parents to find her actual loss of 60,000.But there was no civil judgment attached to the file, and the verdict is unknown.But as you can imagine, emotional damage is certainly not.Another pity is that I did not try to Sue the authorities who gave her hukou, marriage certificate and birth index, and the village secretary who helped her forge her identity information. Even if I only tried, even if I failed, it could be considered as a strong spiritual support for xiao Ya’s family.Who would not feel as if they had been struck by a stone and felt breathless?!Zhang xiaoya is 42 years old this year. I don’t know where she is and what kind of life she leads.Is she okay?How are her parents?Now, fengxian abducted, detained, raped, was mad women, finally seen.But what happens next?Will their true identities be confirmed, will their crimes be known, and will their perpetrators be judged and punished?Are their loved ones still alive and will they be treated well for the rest of their lives?…In Fengxian county, in Xuzhou, throughout the country, how many more abducted women?Will those who abduct and sell women and children and criminals be severely punished?When will the crime of abducting and selling women end?▲ Two comments.When will a woman be treated as an independent, equal human being, rather than as something to be bought and sold, a means of abasement and procreation?Without a savior, we must make our voices heard.Note: The cover photo is a photo album of “Mentally ill Woman” shot by photographer Kyoichi. The woman is in Guangdong province, and netizens guess that she is Lu Qing, a female teacher from Shanghai who has been missing for 20 years.Shanghai police have gone to Guangdong to investigate.* More Women’s Stories * See the Power of Women, See a Different Life author | Qi 11 Douban · Xiaohongshu | Qi 11;Riesling Partner wechat | Eleven2100