Lichuan: hearing, the defendant said

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“Thank the procuratorial organ can give me a chance to turn over a new leaf. Although I cut down trees is mainly forced by life, the most fundamental thing is that my concept of the rule of law is not strong and my legal awareness is weak. I will certainly learn lessons and educate my children to know the law and abide by the law in the future.”Recently, in lichuan city prosecutor’s office not to prosecute the case public hearing scene, Gu expressed his aspirations.In September 2021, gu, due to family economic difficulties, hired people to buy trees for cutting and selling without the approval procedures for tree cutting. After identification, the tree cutting tree is 26 strains of Cryptomeria and 4 strains of Metasequoia, and the standing stock is 15.8248 cubic meters in total.On January 20, 2022, the case has been transferred to lichuan city attorney examination and prosecution, to undertake attorney after examination, learned that gu is inputting tent card out of poverty, rural residents and their secondary belongs to physical disability without labor, in daily life to provide for his old mother, raising two young daughter elementary school, family life very difficult.During the epidemic, Gu went out to work, but because of disability did not find a job, in order to survive, mistakenly thought that the purchase of others planted trees can be arbitrarily disposed of without approval procedures.In the process of handling the case, after the prosecutor patiently interpretation reasoning, gu mou voluntarily replanting green, in order to repair the damaged ecological environment.On February 15, prosecutors and forest public security police, forestry engineers together to gu a replanting green site for field inspection, 321 strains of Cryptomeria and crapmyrtle grow well, through acceptance.Through the study of the comprehensive analysis of the case, prosecutors believe gu subjective vicious, minor crime, crime after the initiative, surrendered, voluntary confession forfeit, actively expressed remorse, returned all the money, replanting after green ecological restoration, conform to the conditions not to prosecute, at the same time, combined with a special family factors, intends to make relative to gu not to prosecute.At the hearing, after fully understanding the case, the hearing officer unanimously agreed to the proposed disposal of the procuratorial organ.Deng Huxiang, the people’s supervisor, said: “The relative non-prosecution of Gu can reflect both the majesty of the judiciary and the temperature of the law.””It is the sacred mission of the procuratorial organs to fully and accurately apply the criminal justice policy of reducing arrests and carefully prosecuting charges in accordance with the law, firmly implement the people-centered development philosophy, safeguard fairness and justice with the law, and ensure that the people live and work in peace and contentment with the rule of law.”The prosecutor in charge of the case said at the end of the hearing.