“Metrical poetry five” morning plum

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Spring comes a little bit is mei Fang, into qingsi days like long.Do not sit alone in the evening sad, eyebrow side flower shadow full corridor.Lingbi stone light inversion wansi years, zhao Hongmeng da1000.Submarine qian Kun silver column, jade cave years for the day.Qinghui has as bead che, ling Bone gradually grinding heart mirror circle.Liancheng real treasure solution, qing sound torn five lake smoke.Ke Mi Ye Cui Sen Sen, benefit from sunshine and Pei Lin.When autumn comes to cool air, gradually extend the branches to compose the corn star gold.Head yu Green Yin hidden core, Qin nose fragrance drunk through the heart.Who call high person can draw laurel, tree should sit next to the harp.Hu Yang Zanren ‘er ice cold dry wind, rooted in the desert state calm.Borozhi hard wear-resisting bone, ciqiu health body such as tumbler.The end of life who company, fine condensate gas penetration from infinity.Strange zai this thing should be numerous, when transplanted to the month officer.Chen Jing Branches cut off small lanterns, plain hand break each red.Into the tooth sour and sweet now just, a lapel worry by the autumn wind.