On the fourth day of the lunar year, welcome the Kitchen God!Jinzhong fire warning: the kitchen fire needs to be careful

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What fire hazard does the kitchen have to be careful with the fire of the kitchen god?1. Fuel kitchen is the place where open fire is used for operation. The fuel used is generally LIQUEFIED petroleum gas, gas, natural gas, carbon, alcohol, etc. If improper operation, it is easy to cause leakage, combustion and explosion.2, lampblack heavy kitchen perennial environment is humid, in this condition, the uneven combustion and lampblack produced in the process of fuel combustion is easy to accumulate, the formation of a certain thickness of combustible oil layer and powder layer attached to the wall flue and the surface of the smoking machine, if not cleaned in time, there is the possibility of lampblack fire.3. There are many kinds of kitchen equipment, fire and electricity equipment are concentrated, and the kitchen is damp, improper use, and the electrical circuit is easy to cause short circuit.4, improper oil will catch fire cooking oil due to high oil temperature fire or improper operation so that hot oil spills out of the frying pan when it encounters the source of fire is a common phenomenon, such as improper fighting will cause fire.How to prevent kitchen fires?Safe and correct operation of kitchen appliances Electrical appliances should be operated according to the instructions, master the correct method of use, do not overload the use of electrical appliances;Regular inspection of electrical lines to the kitchen electrical should be regular inspection, to avoid exposed wires, damp and other situations, at the same time, as far as possible to do not use high-power electrical appliances at the same time;Remember to turn off the power after using rice cookers, induction cookers and other electrical appliances every time after use, must cut off the power, to prevent electricity accidents, resulting in fire.Safe gas always remember to turn off the gas, people accidentally extinguished the use of gas, must be taken care of, to prevent the soup boiling water will be extinguished, resulting in gas leakage, resulting in fire or explosion accidents.Regular inspection, frequent maintenance often check whether the natural gas pipeline, gas cylinder pipe valve, stove, water heater hose connection is fixed, there is no leakage point.If any problem is found, please notice repair in time.Keep ventilation, stovetop is prohibited to pile up combustible materials keep the Windows open, once the natural gas leakage, can be discharged in time;Do not put plastic, dry wood, cloth and other flammable items around the kitchen stove.Maintain kitchen orderly clean kitchen heavy oil position to want to clean regularly the grease dirt in lampblack machine, when oily cup place fills dirty oil to reach 6 minutes when full should drop in time, the grease dirt on gas stove should often clean, maintain clean and neat, lest smeary encounters open fire to cause fire.Keep the kitchen environment dry. If water marks are found around electrical appliances, dry them immediately.Oil stains on electrical lines should be cleaned up in time;Flammable items such as cooking oil should be placed in a safe place.Jinzhong fire, is always your reliable safety backing……Coordinator/review: Zhang Zhenhua/Han Rui Editor/proofreader: Yang Xinlu