Right police station in time to help the masses to find the lost mobile phone

2022-05-10 0 By

“Thank you very much!If you had not helped me find my phone in time, my information might have been leaked. Although I can buy a new phone if it is lost, it contains my personal ID card, driving license and other personal privacy information, as well as a lot of important work information of the unit.”Yang came to the yousuo police station to retrieve his lost mobile phone.On February 7, chengjiang city public Security Bureau right police station to receive the masses Yang mou reported to the police for help, he carelessly lost the mobile phone in xian Lake Avenue, asking for help to find.After receiving the alarm, the police rushed to the scene to understand the situation, told Mr. Yang to fill the card or report the loss of the phone number, and timely unbind the mobile phone APP binding bank card.Later, the police checked the surrounding surveillance video and found that the phone was picked up by a passer-by.Police through multiple search, contact the person, for Yang found the lost mobile phone.Has no hope of Yang mou to get the lost mobile phone, grateful, to the police repeatedly thank.