The New Year peace You and I peer | jining public security guard in the New Year

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Another year Spring Festival to together we choose to keep Windows Protect a peace patrol non-stop to guarantee the steady social public security situation during the Spring Festival, the city’s public security, patrol in the normalized well in attendance to protect and BeiQin on duty at the same time, constantly strengthen patrols and density, tuen p street, dynamic cruise control.To ensure that the people enjoy a peaceful and peaceful Spring Festival.On January 31, all the departments at all levels in The city launched a concentrated inspection campaign to ban the use of fireworks.Village residents use loudspeakers, organized propaganda teams, township resident streets and lanes in the countryside to publicize the ban.Public security, ecological environment, emergency response, urban management, market supervision and judicial departments at all levels work closely together to set up joint inspection teams to supervise and inspect on the spot.Village cadres and grid members of each town, street and village shall be divided into sections and households, and the responsibility of control shall be implemented.City, county, police station police, auxiliary police, village police assistant, all police out, go all out, in-depth village weave fine weave dense inspection network, to achieve full coverage of the inspection, to ensure that the people through the “peace, peace, civilization, fresh” New Year’s Festival.Security inspection does not omit the city’s public security organs to further strengthen the “nine small sites”, “three in one” site safety prevention and control work, comprehensive investigation of key areas, key parts, key links, identify problems, prevention and control risks, eliminate hidden dangers, to ensure safety.The city’s public security traffic police department all police on the road, further strengthen the winter road traffic management work, heavy fist attack, to create a smooth and orderly road traffic travel environment during the Spring Festival.Farewell to the old and welcome the New, remember your peace is the goal we strive for in the New Year, let’s bless the future together with peace and prosperity and people’s safety # Public security heart to the Party escort the new journey ## I protect you in Shandong ## I do practical things for the masses ## Protect the reunion of thousands of families ## Safe New Year you and I go together #