If the mainland retakes Taiwan, the US and Japan will definitely intervene militarily?60 years old jin Canrong said a word on the point

2022-05-11 0 By

Recently, the situation across the Taiwan Straits has become increasingly tense. China has made a solemn response to the US side’s repeated provocations against the One-China principle by using the Taiwan issue.Japan’s Kyodo News agency also reported that Japan’s Self-defense Forces and the U.S. military have recently drawn up a joint operation draft in the event of an emergency over Taiwan to cope with related issues.The United States has repeatedly hyped up the Taiwan issue in an attempt to contain China’s development and push the situation across the Taiwan Strait to the point of tension, but once a military conflict breaks out across the Taiwan Strait, it is unlikely that the United States will use force to intervene in the situation, huanqiu.com reported.Professor Jin Canrong, deputy dean of the School of International Studies at Renmin University of China, recently answered questions related to the situation across the Taiwan Straits.According to China Central Television, the US has been deliberately creating a vague space for military maneuvering on the Taiwan issue, so as to make the outside world misjudge its actions.Adhere to the so-called may in fact be the one China principle, continue to play with his hands behind the strategy, whether it is in the flag of maintaining “scared the resistance in the Taiwan strait” to support Taiwan’s internal, or repeatedly on the Taiwan issue to interfere in China, frequent hit Taiwan chip, Taiwan as soon as possible after the war, the United States must be claptrap hangs high attitude.As for the fundamental attitude of the United States toward Taiwan, professor Jin Canrong, 60, said that the United States will not intervene in Taiwan’s military, and in the showdown with China, and the United States, it does not have full assurance that it can win China, once a head-on confrontation with China, it will lose.Its status as a big brother in the world would also be diminished.Thus, China’s Taiwan is a pawn for the United States to provoke China, and the United States will never destroy itself over a pawn.No one can say for sure where the relationship between China and the United States will end up.Since taking office, US President Joe Biden has continued the basic pace of his predecessor Donald Trump, pursuing the “America First” policy and imposing sanctions on China, which further worsened the already disharmonious China-Us relations.Moreover, Biden has repeatedly jumped around on issues related to Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan, repeatedly touched China’s bottom line on issues related to China’s core interests and principles, and seriously interfered in China’s internal affairs.China has made it clear that if the United States wants to fight to the end, China will fight to the end.Part of the news reference source: Hubei radio and television station.