In front of the world, the Russian ambassador to China suddenly blurted out a Chinese character, and the Chinese response was amazing

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According to, 2021 was an extraordinary year for the world, with the rapid spread of the epidemic and the alternation of extreme weather events that impressed the world.At a recent press conference, Russian Ambassador to China Denisov used Chinese characters that are extremely difficult to write in China to describe the current complex situation.At the press conference, Denisov said he wanted to sum up 2021 with the Chinese character “biang”, which in his opinion is the most complex of the characters, the report said.The most difficult word to write, which he wanted to use to reflect the complexity and difficulty of the current world situation.Denisov also said that, fortunately, there were positive trends in 2021, and he hoped that in 2022 and even in the future people could describe their lives as “development”, “progress” or “joy”.It must be said that Denisov was very familiar with Chinese characters.Denisov is said to have sent New Year wishes to Chinese netizens in Chinese in 2020, saying that Beijing is his “second hometown”.At the press conference, Denisov also discussed china-Russia relations and the situation in Ukraine.Denisov said that the year 2021 is a year of highlights in China-Russia relations. Last year was also the 20th anniversary of the Signing of the Treaty of Good-neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation between China and Russia. The two sides have actively maintained communication and cooperation, reached many important consensus and successfully signed the extension treaty.In addition to diplomacy, great progress has also been made in china-Russia trade and economy in 2021.According to Chinese official data, the total trade volume between China and Russia in 2021 reached 147 billion US dollars, setting a new record. Among them, China’s exports to Russia totaled 67.5 billion US dollars and imports totaled 79.3 billion US dollars, up 37.5 percent year on year.It has far exceeded the level before the outbreak, and such achievements are truly to be congratulated.To this.Reviewing the development of China-Russia relations, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said, “We have said many times that there is no ceiling on China-Russia relations and no no-go zone for strategic cooperation between the two countries.As A matter of fact, as Denisov said, China and Russia have always been very important cooperative partners and have maintained friendly cooperative relations in both economic and military aspects.However, the last thing the Biden administration wants is a friendly development between China and Russia for the US, which has always wanted to dominate the world.In particular, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 in the past year has had a certain impact on the international economic, political and economic landscape.However, western countries led by the United States, despite the ravages of the epidemic, targeted China and Russia and frequently “attacked” China and Russia.However, in the face of American “aggressiveness”, the people of China and Russia will not yield.