“Is there still a little light in front of the door?” What’s that?

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Is there still a little light hanging in front of the door?I believe that you are familiar with the song “Bright Moon Night”, it is the mandarin version of “Silence is Gold”, once popular across the country, is many people’s childhood memories.”Bright moon night” this song is very beautiful, it is written by Xie Mingxun, Leslie Cheung composed and sang the song, included in the album “joyride mood”, the song has caused extensive attention since its release, deeply loved by everyone.The lyrics of the song are simple, but full of emotion.People who have been away for years want to return to their loved one, but are not sure if she is still waiting for them.”Only after many years I was in the window, cold night at my side, not a lamp, not a man of waiting, only the night is still such as” once upon a time, over the years, only I was still in the window waiting for the dark night, I feel very lonely, no one is waiting for me, only the night is still as before.Leslie Cheung, the singer of The song “Bright Moon Night”, is a famous male singer in Hong Kong, China. He is known by everyone because of a song — “The Wind Blows On”.Cheung has released many albums and songs, such as “Who Resonates” and “No Mood to Sleep”. He has won many awards and honors with his strength and won great support from his listeners.