Kipchoge is confirmed to be the winner of the Tokyo Marathon

2022-05-11 0 By

On the morning of Feb. 17, Kipchoge posted a message on the Chinese-language social media platform, “See U in Tokyo!””, accompanied by a photo of himself winning the Tokyo Olympic marathon.Revealed that he will run in the Tokyo Marathon.Kipchoge, 37, defended his men’s marathon title in Tokyo, becoming only the third marathoner in Olympic history to win back-to-back titles after Abbie Bikila (1960 and 1964) and Walder Silpinski (1976 and 1980).Kipchoge has made it clear he will compete in Paris in 2024, but he has yet to announce his plans for the 2022 season.Kipchoge has yet to run an official marathon since his Olympic gold medal win in Tokyo, but says he hopes to try the world’s major marathons in the coming years, including Tokyo, Boston and New York.Kipchoge, however, used to race no more than twice a year.Kipchoge’s participation in the Tokyo Marathon had been the subject of intense speculation and multiple reports that the Tokyo Marathon had made an offer for him.Kipchoge herself has expressed her desire to win all six majors.The Tokyo Marathon will be Kipchoge’s fourth world Marathon Grand Slam after he skipped the Boston Marathon this spring.Six months ago in Sapporo, we witnessed kipchoge’s brilliant title defense, and we are looking forward to kipchoge’s strong victory on March 6.