“Sniper” “good word of mouth effect” triggered a boom in viewing

2022-05-11 0 By

Zhang yimou’s first Spring Festival documents issued by the movie “sniper” Lantern Festival “home care” the latest positive film clips, frozen north Korean battlefield, a group of young face “sniper class five young warriors,” with the United Nations in to sniper elite squad before the test, to turn the case with the hometown, the care of the old room, to his wife knit gloves with the palm of your hand in it,As the melody of “Going Home” flows slowly, the images of volunteers are vividly displayed in details, and every sentence is a tearful expectation for reunion and peace.The reporter noticed that behind every volunteer soldier who generously went to the battlefield was a family full of cares, the missing of his lover and the longing to return home. In the process of watching the film, many audiences expressed their deep impression on the bright green gloves of the soldier “Green Baby” of class five in the film.He put his thoughts about his family in the green glove woven by his wife, which was protected against the palm of his hand in the innermost layer, and never forgot to carry it with him.On the occasion of the Lantern Festival, the movie “Sniper” also released a special poster for the Lantern Festival “For reunion behind us”.”Sniper class five soldiers” big wing (jiangyin office manager), liang liang (Liu Yitie) in a large red and write the four Chinese characters “the army is glorious” red ribbon, and dressed in military uniform monitor wen-wu liu (ZhangYu) facing the camera together, in flying all over the sky snow smile slightly, is about to set foot on the battlefield they “front is the glory of the republic of China,Behind us is the reunion of everyone.This group of young volunteers in their 20s, with the determination to fight to the end, will resolutely go to the battle of life and death, with fearless youth guard the reunion of the prosperous world.The film “Sniper” will director Zhang Yimou “one leaf knows autumn” Chinese aesthetics throughout, from the small incision of the war, show a group of unknown heroes hard blood, and “resist the United States to aid Korea, protect the country” great spiritual power.After the film sniper was officially released to the audience on the first day of the lunar New Year, it has been praised for its subtle aspects and scored 7.7 on Douban.Xi ‘an press all media reporter Ceng Shixiang