The public security police are fighting on the front line of the epidemic, becoming everyone’s “reassurance”.

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A few days ago, guo Yonggang of Meilong Police Station of Minhang Public Security Sub-bureau and He Wei of community police carried out work in the sinking community in response to the request of the regional prevention and control command department.”We can think of the anxiety, bewilderment and uneasiness residents may feel when faced with an emergency. Our timely appearance at this time will calm people’s minds.”Guo yonggang’s daily work is more like a comprehensive position, working with volunteers to carry express delivery, assist in garbage removal, solve the demands of temporary visitors, or coordinate the going out for medical treatment…”You guys can do whatever you want,” said the security guard.In the beginning, they also encountered such a problem: a cleaning lady after cleaning the owner’s house out of the neighborhood, she found that she could not leave, but she was worried.How to help her get through this phase?Guo Yonggang thought of letting her have a place to live, so she arranged to live with volunteers, and then try to solve the problem of eating, elder sister with the help of the police is also obviously optimistic, now also began to do volunteer work.In addition to conveying positive energy to the masses, the community has also returned the favor, with some residents sending warm local “flatbread” and home-made sandwiches.It is understood that since participating in the epidemic prevention work, Minhang Public Security branch Meilong police station party members and cadres are trying to take the lead in the post, party members and police go all out to go to difficulties.At the same time, it also put forward the requirement that “community police should give priority to the sinking pipe section to participate in the prevention and control”, give full play to the community police’s “online and offline” coordination and mobilization ability, work together with the cadres of the neighborhood committee, solve the people’s worries, and become the “lubricant” and “glue” of the community.It is understood that meilong police station almost 90% of the community police have sunk to the community to participate in the epidemic prevention work.Liu Xudong, a police officer from Meilong Police Station, works in a closed-loop management community. “I am very familiar with the situation in this community, and everyone has a high degree of cooperation.I independently completed closed-loop disposal of the police situation issued by the comprehensive command room, basically achieving ‘seamless’, and I also achieved ‘fast’.10, Liu received two consecutive telecommunications fraud potential victims of the early warning, “I knocked on the door of the residents about 2 minutes, we also said, yo, epidemic prevention, anti-fraud two not by mistake.I hope that through my work these days, people will not only have no insecurity, but also feel more secure.”Public security detachment police Qiu Qinghua as police reinforcements in a community outside the duty also did a “matchmaking”.On March 12, a man wanted to meet his girlfriend but couldn’t get into the community.Under qing-hua qiu explain and channel, the missing girlfriend gay promise as a volunteer, the only requirement is that you can see his girlfriend, qing-hua qiu said, “it was the age of the gushing, I’d like to make mandarin duck ‘stick’ was also considered ‘, simply to a” kill two birds with one stone “, and make an appointment two meaning can ‘talk’.”So, the male comrades in the community outside the iron gate to assist in the elimination of express items, and the female comrades in the community to help the elderly operation reservation nucleic acid registration.The two lovers can not help feeling: “thank the police ‘matchmaking’, contributed to us such a meaningful date, can also contribute to the epidemic prevention!We are confident that Shanghai will overcome the epidemic if we stand together to tide over this difficult time.”Reporter: Lin Hai editor: He Tingting