Write the legend of winter Olympics hardware Grand Slam

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In 1980, the United States Lake Placid Winter Olympics, the birth of the winter Olympics hardware grand Slam legend – American speed skater Eric Hayden.”On behalf of all athletes, I promise that we will compete in these Winter Olympics in the true spirit of sportsmanship, respecting and abiding by the rules, for the glory of sport and the honour of our teams.”When Hayden took the oath on behalf of the athletes at the opening ceremony, no one — including Hayden himself — knew what feats would take place just a few days later.The biggest star competed in all five speed skating events and won gold MEDALS without exception. She also set one world record and four Olympic records, becoming the first Grand Slam winner in winter Olympic history.It is not easy to sweep all the speed skating events from 500 meters to 10,000 meters and set a record in each event: the explosive power of short distance and the endurance requirement of the 10,000 meters race, which requires 25 laps of skating, the continuous operation of these five events is a huge test of athletes’ physical and psychological.Hayden’s body looks like a classic sculptor’s dream, displaying an unblemished template of male muscle.His “Mr Universe” look left the skilled Scandinavian contestants despairing: “We’ll just have to wait for him to retire.”The only event Hayden is not good at is the shortest 500m, which he lost at the world championships a week ago.Racing in Lake Placid alongside world record holder Yevgeny Kulikov of the Soviet Union, Hayden was more consistent on the final corner to win in a meagre 0.34 seconds. His Olympic record of 38.03 minutes was one second off Kulikov’s world best.Hayden went on to win the 1,000m, 1,500m and 5,000m events.He watched a memorable ice hockey game between the United States and the Soviet Union on the eve of the 10,000m final and overslept the next day, but it didn’t affect his time in the least.Perhaps buoyed by the USA’s victory on the ice the night before, his time of 14:28.13 was eight seconds faster than second-placed Peter Klien of the Netherlands.Despite a hurried breakfast, he became the first speed skater to win five gold MEDALS at a single Olympics and was honored as the Outstanding Athlete of the 13th Winter Olympics.Eric Hayden retired after a successful winter Olympics and devoted himself to the sport of cycling. His athleticism soon led Hayden to become a professional cyclist.Hayden won the National championship in 1985.The following year, Hayden competed in the Tour de France. With five days to go, Hayden crashed and retired injured.Hayden is studying sports medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine while cycling.After medical school, Hayden worked as a team doctor for the NBA and the U.S. speed skating team, as well as the successful orthopaedic hospital he founded.His life from the track to his retirement shows what an Olympian should look like.(Author: Ji Cheng, teacher of Winter Olympics Training College of Beijing Sport University)