After sun Long fell down, he posted six “sorry” messages on his micro blog: “The fall was caused by anxious connection.

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On February 16, Sun Long failed to win a medal in the relay final.Late that night, Sun Long (weibo account @Sun Long-L) apologized for the fall on his weibo account: “Today’s fall was caused by my hurry to connect the connection. It’s all my fault. There is no excuse.Ever since I joined the national team, I have always wanted to play for China.But today, because of my mistake, all the efforts were in vain.I’m really sorry for my teammates, my coaching staff and the entire team, all the fans of short track speed skating, my family and friends who have always believed in me and expected so much of me, but most of all I’m sorry for my country.I let you down, I will accept all your criticism, really sorry!Canada won the men’s 5000m short-track speed skating relay in 6:41.25 at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 16. South Korea won silver and Italy bronze.The Chinese team, consisting of Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Li Wenlong and Sun Long, crashed out of the track in an accident. The Chinese team ranked fifth and was out of the MEDALS.Sun long said after the race, he did not contact with other athletes, “at that time I was trying to defend the inside lane, not to let others pass, but I missed it and fell down.”Sun, who was born in 2000 and participated in his first Winter Olympics, said he felt the atmosphere of the competition and gained experience. “I am a young player. I didn’t think too much.Sun said his next goal is the next Winter Olympics in four years, “I will continue to improve, to catch up with the world’s top level.”‘This is Sun Long’s first Olympics. We won’t blame him, but give him more encouragement,’ Wu said after the race, according to”It was a good exercise for him and something we need to summarize and improve in the future. It will be better for us in the future.””We are not looking at why he made the mistake, in fact he is very upset, to say sorry to us, there in tears, probably put a lot of pressure on him, which is not what we can bear.”