Dalian trade union invites foreign friends to spend Chinese New Year together

2022-05-12 0 By

Workers daily client “wear Tangzhuang, hang tiger ornaments, dumplings, stick window……What a year!”Carlos, a Spanish employee, said happily.It is reported that on January 29, the People’s Road Sub-district Federation of Trade Unions in Zhongshan District of Dalian, Liaoning province, and Frasers Pavilion International Apartment jointly hosted the “Live together in the North of the Global Village With Joy” activity for Chinese and foreign employees.More than 30 foreign employees, street cadres and people from Australia, Spain, Singapore, the United States, Norway, Malaysia, Spain, India, Thailand, Japan and other countries gathered together to celebrate the Chinese New Year.Zhongshan district is the commercial center of Dalian. Renmin Road is the most prosperous road in Dalian. Many financial, hotel, logistics and other enterprises are founded by foreign capital.Because of the epidemic and other reasons, these foreign employees can only stay in China, and there are few activities.In order to let these foreign employees have a full and happy holiday, the first-hand federation of trade unions and the federation of trade unions and other elaborate the renmin road street wear tang suit, hang act the role ofing, making dumplings, stick grilles, tiger is a Chinese knot, dalian old dishes, features performances seven activities, let in the foreign employees feel fully the unique charm and fashion of dalian, traditional folk culture.Learn to roll skin, make dumplings, cook dumplings, and taste the fruits of their labor together, which makes foreign employees especially happy. Friends at home and abroad from making dumplings to eating dumplings, keep laughing and laughing.Together with pasting paper-cuts, hanging tiger ornaments, let foreign employees experience Chinese traditional folk customs, let foreign employees especially happy;In addition to the traditional Chinese folk experience, there are also mermaid performances with Southeast Asian local characteristics for southeast Asian employees.Hong Jianshan, a Singaporean employee, said, “I am very surprised, but very happy and touched to see our folk culture during the Spring Festival in China!Thanks dalian, thanks labor union!”After eating dumplings, the Chinese and foreign employees sang their own national songs to bring the activity to a climax.(Gu Wei zhou Anqi)