Honesty is not just official morality

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His wife has a sewing machine worker in a garment factory, and there are a lot of zero fabrics that come back from the factory, as well as dozens of spools, zippers, buttons and other accessories.Another is a cleaner friend, home unexpectedly there are many boxes of unopened garbage bags, are usually more than get less use saved down to bring back.I have a friend who cooks in the canteen of work. Every day, he will bring home steamed buns, steamed buns, boiled eggs and even vegetables.And he said, Sell all the rest, or else pour it out.I believe it, but not all of it.People always think that only officials need to be honest, ordinary people are not honest problem.In fact, as long as we observe carefully, it is not difficult to find that the opposite of incorruptibility — greed, like laziness, is also a bad habit of human beings.People are not when the official will be greedy, ordinary people around us, even if it is a sewing machine on the clothing production line, as long as there is a chance, will also expose the nature of greed.There are even some people, that can be greedy to the unit a little property, that is called skill.Not ashamed, but proud.There are some people who hate corrupt officials in party and government organs, but they do not start from justice, but envy and hate.Some of the common people, once given power and access to public goods, may be even more greedy.Therefore, corruption does not only exist in officialdom, but also in the people.Not all officials are corrupt, and not all people are clean.Corruption is not only a matter of official morality, but also a matter of moral conduct for everyone.In this world, some people are not greedy, because they can consciously abide by the law, accept the constraints of moral norms, and have a strong self-control of desire.Most of man’s greed is for money.In addition to money, there are many greed, such as lust, power, gambling, drinking and so on.Greed is a kind of desire.There is as much greed as there is desire.A rational person, who can restrain himself and indulge himself, will be insatiable.Whether corrupt or not, in the final analysis, it is a person’s moral conduct, and whether or not to be an official.However, because of the power in the hands of an official, there are many temptations and many tests.If officials are not honest, the consequences are more serious than ordinary people. They harm not only the interests of the country, but also the image of the Party and the government and the prestige of the people.Therefore, the integrity of officials is more important than that of ordinary people.Ordinary people are not incorruptible, generally in the main form of embezzlement, but there are universal, collective.Few, if any, are reported.This kind of person, there is a wrong understanding, think public property, do not occupy white do not occupy, do not take white do not take, do not eat white do not eat.If you are not greedy, others will be too.You greedy I greedy everyone greedy, the eldest brother does not say two elder brothers, who is greedy to who’s skill.I don’t think this kind of greed is a matter of one’s moral conduct.Be honest.The pursuit of a clean and clean life is a standard of conduct, a lofty realm of thought, and a noble moral sentiment.Honesty is the way of a gentleman.The ancients said: the gentleman love money, take the way.Any unclean, immoral, illegal ill-gotten wealth, the gentleman will not take.The gentleman is not tempted by the law, not tempted by the outrageous, not by desire.Honest people, the pursuit of perfect personality, do not waver for external temptation, do not join hands with greedy SIMS.Man’s prestige comes from his incorruptibility.The ancients said: public health Ming, lian Sheng wei.That’s the point.Honest people, no desire, no desire, just.He who takes no man’s hand is not soft, and he who eats no man’s mouth is not soft.Honest people, fair and aboveboard, no selfish, no handle, no tail, even the villain is helpless.Such a person, selfless and just, high and respected, respected by the world.People, what occupation does not matter, the important thing is not to lose honesty.People who lose their integrity, whether they are officials or ordinary people, will lose their dignity, their personality and their face, and will be despised by the world.From | “leadership Wen Cui” in February 2022 on the manuscript source | “speech and eloquence” in this paper, the author | guo-jiang Chen editor | edit | Xiao Yuanwei letter depicting later