Qinhuai lights up Taiwan, Chen Baihua, the national non-hereditary inheritor, tells the friendship behind the Strait

2022-05-12 0 By

A strait, thousands of friendship.On February 14, Chen Baihua, the inheritor of qinhuai Lantern Festival, posted a video on his account to send his best wishes to Chen Zurong, the former president of Taiwan Chinese Lantern Art Association.His simple words and sincere feelings have touched many netizens.It turned out that Chen bohua had been exchanging lantern culture with friends in Taiwan for more than 10 years and could not travel to Taiwan in person this year, but he made four sets of lanterns and sent them to Sik Kung Temple in New Beixian, Taiwan.Netizens were moved by the fact that it is not easy to light the lanterns between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, so Chen baihua hand-painted pictures of the lantern assembly and sent them to Taiwan, and then guided the installation through an online video link.After the lantern was installed, the Taiwan teacher said it was very beautiful.In the video, Chen told about his friendship across the Strait.He said that every time he went to Taiwan for exchanges, he was deeply moved by the warm help of Taiwan friends, and he and Chen zurong also forged a deep friendship.He drove me to see the local customs, and he came to Nanjing and we went to see and learn the lights.”Chen baihua said that on the occasion of the Lantern Festival, I would like to send my thoughts to you in the form of video and hope to enjoy a lantern together as soon as possible.Source: Lychee News Editor: CAI Yangyan Review: Zhang Xiang