6 competitive films that are both passionate and inspirational. Which one shocked you?

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1, dangal “second time to see, or see people boiling.Competitive sports more love, faster, stronger spirit to show incisively and vividly.The story is full, whether it is the rebellion of the children when they are young or the rebellion of the big woman when they are older, they are very real, with divine soundtrack and inspiring plot. It is really great, and the efforts of the actors and actresses for the film are admirable.2, “Shaolin Football” in those days let a person at the moment a bright effect, today see also good funny, thoughtful, although there are a lot of funny episodes, but more or self-expression, in fact, personal color is very thick, not quite easy to understand.This movie is probably tailored to his two passions. It’s a mix of personal knowledge, ideas, expectations, and growth.Even though Stephen Chow doesn’t know football and the football in the movie is bullshit, I still think this is the best football movie in The history of Chinese films.3. The first Dante Lam film I saw was a fresh subject for me, with endless aftertaste.Show the indomitable spirit incisively and vividly.Will and faith are the way to win all games.I thought Peng was the leading role, but Zhang Jiahui is the leading role in the leading role. Watching Zhang Jiahui’s exercise and fighting is more inspiring and exciting.Even if the plot is cheesy, the tension and mood are well done.4, “dead Munich” a movie than the strong journal title is too much, long time no see clips so plentiful information of the film, from the beginning of the first lens arresting people very much, is I love blood inspiring movies, from weak to victory, is blood piece of mould is always exciting theme, at the end of the blood boiling, this is basketball,That was the spirit of that particular era.5, “Five boys” Japanese wulitou, a variety of funny elements pot, from the type of film is still good, youth, summer, coupled with Japanese narrative, the coming reiki, Wulitou + comic design clever, some wulitou clumsy and sincere, always not bad.Very happy very youthful film, shy and passionate youth.Moneyball sports movies are perfect at this point.When an actor like Jonah Hill can be so convincing, the director has a knack for coaching actors.I admire the protagonist’s courage, desperate every life, turning the tide, always adhere to their goals do not give up.No matter pressure, joy or touching, they are all made up of very small but delicate structures. I have gotten goose bumps several times. I love it.6 competitive films that are both passionate and inspirational. Which one shocked you?