Bach supported K Bao and publicly accused the coach of indifference. Russia responded that the coach’s severity was the key to victory

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On February 17, “Kbao” Valieva, who was widely regarded as the favorite to win the women’s single free skating at the Winter Olympics, made a series of mistakes in the competition and ended up with the fourth place.After the defeat, K Bao was very sad, tears on the spot.However, instead of consoling K, the newspaper’s coaching team blamed K and asked why he gave up during the game: “Why did you give up? Tell me, why?Why stop fighting?You quit after that Axel triple jump. Why?”Facing the challenge, K Bao tightly covered his ears, unwilling to listen to the coach’s criticism, but had no choice but to say: Only in this way can the award ceremony not be canceled!It was obvious that She was under a lot of pressure, and she didn’t even know how to do it herself.Sasha and her daughter are already guaranteed MEDALS, and their performance will determine whether the ceremony takes place.After all, the Ioc had already announced that there would be no medal ceremony if K Bao won a medal!It was a new rule for One person, And the 15-year-old had no idea where to go.According to K Bao’s strength, as long as she plays normally, the champion is basically hers, but if she wins, not only she can not stand on the podium, but also his other two teammates can not stand on the podium!Before the race, a netizen predicted that K Bao might deliberately lose the race in order to put his teammate on the podium.Intentionally or not, Kbo made a lot of mistakes and finished fourth!Facing the coach’s questioning, K-Po seemed helpless!In response, International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach publicly expressed sympathy for Kbao, but also expressed doubts about his coaching team:”To see her on the ice trying to compete, to see how she was trying to compose herself, and then trying to finish her program, in every movement and body language, you could feel very, very intense mental pressure that maybe she would have rather just leave the ice and try to leave it behind.”International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach on Monday expressed his views on the doping scandal involving Russian figure skater Karbo Valieva.”To my great discomfort, I saw on TV that her entourage (coach, leader) was indifferent, [she] did not comfort her, did not try to help her, you could feel the unpleasant atmosphere, the distance,” Bach said.”If you read their body language, it’s even worse because it’s a dismissive gesture.”Bach also said it was impossible for a 15-year-old girl to have voluntarily used performance-enhancing drugs.The doping problem is not an isolated incident, the athlete can’t do it on her own, the drugs should not be in her body, the person who put the drugs in her body is guilty.In response to Bach’s criticism, Russian Sports Minister Oleg Matchin said IOC president Thomas Bach should have been more restrained in commenting on Valieva’s relationship with the coach.”He [Bach] doesn’t like the ruthlessness of our coach, but we all know that in sports with good results, the ruthlessness of the coach is the guarantee of victory,” the Russian sports minister said.We saw the athletes win.”For K Bao, indeed in this Winter Olympic Games left a regret, and around her body doping incident, also appears to be confusing, the specific truth, still need to wait for B bottle test results.If the B test is still positive, will they lose their gold medal in the team figure skating competition?This is also the focus of the majority of netizens!I hope K Bao can learn from this experience and pay more attention to safety in the future. She is only 15 years old and has a long career ahead of her. I also hope that this regret can be made up in four years.Come on!For more exciting content, follow Yang Ge ping Pong