“City beat”, “quality” and “number” rise together!Cultural and sports facilities in Shencheng help advance soft power

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The East Branch of Shanghai Library is racing towards the target of opening this year.A giant “China fan” is slowly opening in the Cultural Park of Shanghai World Expo.This is the Shanghai Opera House under construction, which has gripped the hearts of residents in The city since its construction began in December 2019.In the future, it will connect the music of world opera with the people of the city.With the recent construction, reconstruction and expansion of several major cultural and sports facilities, the quality and quantity of public cultural and sports space in Shanghai have been greatly improved.While consolidating the height of economic development and the strength of scientific and technological innovation, this international metropolis continues to nourish the humanistic feelings, raise the temperature of the city, and enhance the soft power and international influence of culture, responding to the people’s new expectations for a better spiritual and cultural life.To leave the best resources to the people to take out the best space resources in the development of the city, to create the best spiritual home for the people — this is the courage and vision of Shanghai.Adhering to the concept of “leaving the best resources to the people”, the last piece of “precious land” in Xiaolujiazui has been handed over to a new talent of people’s livelihood culture — Pudong Art Museum with a total construction area of 40,000 square meters, which has been opened in July 2021.It not only has a unique and distinctive architectural appearance, but also hosts a number of world-class exhibitions.In addition, the East Branch of Shanghai Library is racing towards its target of opening this year.Its function is positioned as an intelligent compound library in the age of all media. Together with the Huaihai Road Library, it will become a cultural space that stands on both sides of the Huangpu River and makes knowledge accessible.Aiming at positioning itself as a world-class urban library facing the world and the future, the “Jade in the Forest” itself is worthy of the name of the “reading” building.The East Building of Shanghai Museum is also under construction, with a total construction area of about 110,000 square meters, 6 floors above ground and 2 floors underground.At present, the construction of the main structure and the second structure has been completed, and the high-quality structure has been accepted, laying a good foundation for the trial opening at the end of 2022.Also to be expected is the Shanghai Opera House, whose architectural form takes on the meaning of “Chinese fan” — like a slowly unfolding Chinese folding fan, the huge white steps spiral up into the air, like the handle of the folding fan, fully displaying the aesthetic style of Chinese architecture.Externally, the Shanghai Opera House connects the earth with the sky, stands on the city and faces the city, creating a different view for people. At the same time, the spiral roof is also a stage facing the public, which can meet the needs of large-scale events and provide fun for citizens and tourists to visit everyday.After nearly two and a half years of construction, the new Shanghai Children’s Library located in the Changfeng Riverside green space of Suzhou River is carrying out a series of operation tests. The new library is distributed with different sizes and ups and downs of circular bookshelves, which combine with the high school courtyard and spiral stairs to form a reading forest and an ocean of books.Presents a spatial effect consistent with the Babel library envisioned by Borges.In recent years, the construction of major stadiums and facilities in Shanghai has made remarkable progress.Xujiahui Sports Park comprehensive pavilion “Wantihui” recently started part of the trial operation, so that the citizens of friends shouted: “Finally wait for you!”The present is 33 badminton courts, 30 table tennis tables, 5 tennis courts, outdoor basketball courts and outdoor football courts.Inside the stadium, the blue and white color, more than 10 meters high spacious space is dazzling.Xujiahui Sports Park covers an area of about 36 hectares, including Shanghai Stadium, Shanghai Gymnasium, Shanghai Natatorium, East Asia Building and so on.In addition to the “Wantihui”, which was first put into partial trial operation this time, the Shanghai Stadium, Shanghai Gymnasium, Shanghai Natatorium and other sports facilities are still under construction to meet the international top standards.After completion, Xujiahui Sports Park will become one of the most well-equipped sports culture gathering areas in Shanghai.The new round of construction of major cultural and sports facilities in Shanghai has two characteristics — professionalism, more emphasis on segmentation, high level and world-class standards;Comprehensive, pay more attention to the voice of the masses, meet the needs of the masses, and constantly improve the sense of gain of citizens. This also means that major projects should be better integrated with the complex social functions, so that the charm of culture and sports can blossom, and the soft power of the city can be better demonstrated.Architecture is the “container” of culture, an important space for spiritual perception and spiritual experience, and an important carrier for enhancing the attractiveness, influence and creativity of a city.From one brick to one brick, to shape the skyline, horizon and coastline, opening up the infinite possibilities of soft power, so that the city can continue to highlight the pursuit of beauty, high appearance level, warm expression, so that the present people feel comfortable, the future people fall in love with.The Pudong Football Stadium, affectionately known as the “white porcelain bowl” by football fans, was completed in October 2021. The surface of the stadium is made of delicate and uniform white metal materials, presenting the clear and smooth appearance of white porcelain. The stadium is like a delicate vessel filled with wonderful football matches.In construction process, stylist, builder pays attention to window characteristic model.The “white porcelain bowl” is covered with steel roof, which abandons the traditional heavy truss system and uses light suspension cables to show the structural lightness and craftsmanship, making the whole facade cleaner and the interior space more rich.As the guardian of Shanghai’s memory, the Municipal Archives has been in operation for 62 years. The new building, located on Baiyang Road, Pudong, was officially opened to the public at the end of September last year, adding a new landmark of cultural leisure for citizens and a good place to read and study history.As the largest provincial comprehensive archives, it stores more than 4.6 million volumes (pieces) of precious archives.”Coat” new, “lining” also creative.The theme exhibition of “Urban Memory Time Collection” not only features immersive holographic images of urban changes, but also a number of unique red documents in China. Pages of old manuscripts, old photos and videos highlight the distinctive background of Shanghai’s red culture as the birthplace of the Party and the origin of its original aspiration.For the citizens to provide the party history study education and “four history” propaganda education vivid classroom.Throughout the “map of cultural and sports facilities” of Shanghai, a dazzling array of landmarks give birth to a culture and art space in harmony with the city, and even weave a supply network at your fingertips.In the next five years, Shanghai will complete a number of major cultural facilities projects at the municipal and district levels, protect a number of distinctive historical and cultural heritages, add a number of urban cultural landscapes, and create a stronger urban cultural atmosphere.Emphasis should be placed on improving the layout of cultural facilities in “One Axis (urban cultural axis) and one Belt (Huangpu River Cultural Innovation Belt)” to enhance the cultural functions of areas along suzhou River.In addition, we will strengthen the construction of cultural brands in five new cities, create diversified urban cultural landscapes, stimulate the cultural vitality of urban public space, implement the “renewal and upgrading Plan” for grassroots public cultural facilities, and support the implementation of cultural “micro-renewal” transformation in public space.With both “quality” and “number” rising together, these cultural and sports facilities in Shencheng will further promote the city’s soft power in the near future.(Originally published in Wen Wei Po on February 19, 2022)