Erjuron was not well regarded by the world, but his military skills were remarkable

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Er Zhu Rong was a powerful minister and strategist of the Northern Wei. Under his leadership and command, the Northern Wei unified the north.However, due to his arbitrary power, people do not give him high evaluation.However, his arbitrary power also stems from his military talent, which also shows that Erjuron seized power with military talent.So why did Erjuron have military talent?This has to do with two things.1. Family Influence R ‘Juron’s military ability was influenced by his family, in other words, his family passed it down to him.Erjuron is a descendant of the Karhu, and his ancestors were tribal chiefs.Erzhurong’s great-grandfather had followed emperor Wudi of northern Wei in his campaign against Houyan. His family had been generals of Northern Wei for generations, so Erzhurong had been immersed in the achievements of his predecessors on the battlefield since his childhood.Erjuron also began to learn about the military when he was a child, understanding the battlefield conditions, which also enabled him to make rapid progress in the military.Erjuron’s family started in the army, so the military ability was smoothly passed to Erjuron, so that Erjuron had talent in the military.If he had not had a chance to show off his military talents, he would never have had a chance to take power.During the Southern and Northern Dynasties, there was a period of war and chaos. Erzhurong took the opportunity to develop his own forces and organize an army. He helped the Northern Wei court defeat Ge Rong, calm Hebei, defeat Nanliang, sweep guanlong and unify the north.Therefore, Erzhurong built up many military achievements, which also enabled him to control the power of the Northern Wei.The period of R ‘Juron put him to the use, gave full display to his military talents, and made him prominent.The process of Er Zhu Rong’s mastery of the northern Wei dynasty shows that a person who wants to make a difference not only needs to have a certain talent, but also needs the opportunity to show his talent.Therefore, if a person wants to achieve something, he must be patient to wait for the opportunity and constantly hone his skills.References: The Book of Wei, Biography 62, Northern History, Biography 36, Volume 152, Author introduction: Chopin: like Chinese history, historical figures and events have unique views.We hope to restore the truth of history and uncover the little-known secrets of history through writing.Understand the history, master the present, have the wisdom of life.Picture: from the network to the previous article link: The western Jin Dynasty eight Kings chaos who is the culprit