Hunan yongzhou person returns home from Guangzhou to spend 20 thousand yuan for the New Year, is he worth coming home for the New Year

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After being stuck in traffic for 13 hours, Xiao Fei finally returned to Guangzhou. It took him 15 hours to return to Yongzhou from Guangzhou a year ago. He had no complaints about these, because every year the road back home is like this.It’s just that every year, it’s a big expense to go home, which makes him feel a little unbearable.This year in particular, his 10-day trip home was even more expensive, costing him nearly 20,000 yuan.He really wondered if his journey from Guangzhou to his hometown for Spring Festival was worth it.As one netizen said, the Spring Festival on the spot may save his 20,000 yuan salary, which would cost him three months ‘salary.He came back from Guangdong, had his nucleic acid done, and had to sit in traffic for more than 10 hours to get home.After returning home, I spent more than 4000 yuan to buy new clothes for the Lunar New Year. I also spent more than 4000 yuan to buy new clothes for my wife and two children. By the way, I gave 2000 yuan to my parents.On the second day of the first lunar month, I came to my mother-in-law’s house to pay a New Year’s visit. I bought 400 yuan for gifts and gave 600 yuan red envelopes to my parents, spending 1,000 yuan.Two elder brother’s children each sealed 200 yuan, and spent nearly 1000 yuan.However, xiao Fei’s family has a large number of relatives and children, so the minimum limit for visiting friends and relatives is 100 yuan each time. When visiting friends and relatives in the Lunar New Year, Xiao Fei spends another 6,000 yuan in red envelopes for children and the elderly.According to his plan, he received guests on the eighth day of the first lunar month, the company started work on the tenth day, and he left on the ninth day.However, the company leader decided to let him come to the company on the seventh day. His wife was supposed to go to work after 15 years. She wanted to let her stay at home alone, but she refused.So he and his wife two people have to, the sixth day on the body…Two people on the road traffic boring, carefully calculated the cost of returning home, just know 10 days less than, spent nearly 20,000 yuan.Think of the heart of small fly here is dripping blood, he does not know he and his wife two people after untold hardships to just return home, spent so much money, is it worth it?