Spring Festival to grass-roots | Spring Festival, Asian Games power supply line “move”

2022-05-13 0 By

This article was transferred from;”Five meters to go, slow down the tractor!”He Youding, a worker at the construction site of the Asian Games 500-kilovolt power supply project in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, is busy in the air at an altitude of more than 60 meters. His task is to ensure the smooth passage of the conductor plate through the pulley, which is an important link in the erection of transmission wires.Asian Games supporting 500 kv power supply project construction site.Asian Games supporting 500 kv power supply project is the energy “main artery” for hangzhou to transmit electricity across the river. During the 2022 Asian Games, this line will undertake the power supply task for related venues of the Asian Games.More than 300 construction workers were on the line during the Spring Festival, when the relocation project started before the Spring Festival.In the cold weather, the construction site is bustling with activity.”In order to minimize the impact of power outage construction on power supply, the relocation takes advantage of the low industrial load period during the Spring Festival and works throughout the holiday to ensure that power is restored immediately after the holiday.”He Youding said.”The task was extremely difficult and dangerous. It was not easy to demolish the old tower and rebuild the new line in such a short time.”Yang Guoqi, the project leader, introduced that the construction team organized more than 10 preliminary coordination meetings before the start of construction, and finally determined the construction plan.In order to ensure the safety of construction, uav, ball control and 5G video transmission technologies are also used in the construction process, and remote visualization devices are installed along the project line to monitor the site construction at multiple points and multi-dimensions.”Power engineering staff always stick to the front line.”Yang Guoqi said that before this year’s Spring Festival, many construction workers have bought goods ready to go home for a reunion.However, after receiving the urgent task of the line transfer project, no matter the young employees who just joined the work, or the old master with children and grandchildren, none of them asked for leave.(Reporters Zhu Han and Lin Guangyao)