Unexpectedly, the most beautiful Spring Festival is it!

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Two days ago, I wrote a review of the film “The Four Seas”. There is no doubt that it has become a terrible film in the Spring Festival in terms of evaluation, reputation and quality.At the time, I used the words “unexpectedly, the ugliest” as the title.I was surprised and shocked to see Han Han’s “The Four Seas” as the worst film, but as for the best film of the Spring Festival season, I thought it would be decided between “Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” and “Miracle · Stupid Child”.Because whether it is word of mouth, box office, or quality, these two films are always in the lead stage.But it was not until I had watched all the films released during Spring Festival, including the cartoons, that I used the same title again: Unexpectedly, the best thing about Spring Festival is this!”Sniper” first say “unexpected”.This film, unexpectedly not only the quality, there are many outside of the film worth discussing and regret the point of view.First, there is the screening schedule. Sniper has only a handful of screenings in theaters compared to its war drama counterpart, Watergate Bridge.It’s basically the Yin and Yang, 7 or 8 in the morning, 1 or 2 in the morning…Second is the box office, to today “Sniper” screened 6 days, the cumulative box office only more than 200 million, ranked the lowest, the first day of box office even less than “Boonie bears” box office half.Finally, be so miserable “sniper” or seal god several “national division” Zhang Yimou patted.Zhang Yimou’s artistic attainments need not be said more, cannes judges, 10 golden rooster, double Olympic director…There is no doubt about its early glory.Did not see before, I thought “sniper” so miserable result, because and “the four Seas”, shoot too bad, too bad, after all, the old Mou before is not not trampled on thunder: 4.9 points of “the Great Wall” but after watching, only to find that no one to see the reason, actually because of the film is too good-looking!Now, why is Sniper so good?Is it nice there?If you go to the movie expecting to see battle scenes and special effects, you may be disappointed.Because compared with “Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake”, “Sniper” story line is very simple, also very small, tells the story of Chinese volunteers in the enemy and our military outnumbered situation, and elite American sniper team in a life-and-death battle.While the former shows more of a group image of a company, the Sniper focuses on each living individual.Every soldier in the movie, whether it’s a sharpshooter or a supporting role, is full of blood, and even the enemy is fully fledged.There are cowardly crybaby afraid of war, there are fearless and careful sharpshooter, there are arrogant and cunning American troops…The battle scene consisted of a small field, down to two squads, a few guns, a teammate who could not be abandoned, and an unknown piece of information…What I like most about the movie is that it doesn’t overdramatize the bravery of the volunteers or the ineptitude of the AMERICANS. It only shows the chilling cold on the snow and the truth and cruelty on the battlefield.You have IQ battles, but you don’t have the aura of the main character, you get shot, you bleed to death…With the blood and flesh of a sniper squad, a sharpshooter and a small ordinary soldier, the real spirit behind the war is written.The original film sniper was called The Coldest Gun, set against the backdrop of the 1952-53 War of Resistance to the United States and Aid to North Korea.It refers to the high density, low intensity small-scale attacks and sniping by volunteers against THE United Nations forces.It is worth mentioning that the volunteer army concentrated a large number of snipers and sharpshooters in active operations. By the end of the Korean War, a total of 52,000 United Nations troops including the United States and South Korea had been killed by the cold artillery movement, which was no less effective than launching a battle.It is because of the “cold shots” that the film derives the most restrained emotions.The key scene in the film is to save teammates, the climax of the opening 10 minutes thrown down, in the face of the enemy’s advantage shot, although the players are anxious, but has not been swallowed by emotion.Always take the task as the priority, hide the emotion in the deepest heart, internalize on the battlefield.It’s something that the audience can perceive bit by bit, not something that’s deliberately blown up and seen on the screen.Not specifically pull next door “Watergate Bridge”, compared to Wu Jing as the leading role of the death, 360 degrees of focus sensational, “sniper” zhang Yu played the squad leader died very flat.No, no pompous, no pretentious…A little more carefully, you will find that there is not even a flood of music, only after the sound of “arrive”, followed by the end song “Go Home”, the coldest gun, the hottest blood, is not a simple contrast, both hidden are the most restrained fervor of emotion.Of course, “Sniper” is not without its flaws.Some netizens commented: “This is not a war film, is a sensational film, can not stir the implicit point.”I understand and agree, because Sniper, like so many thematic movies, ends up with a homogenous, emotive sublimation.But apart from the film, retrospective director Zhang Yimou, 72 years old this year, faced with a “proposition” paper, still spared no effort to answer the first prize.Looking at the Current Chinese film industry, how rare!As for why it looks good but nobody sees it?This problem, just like the original “To Live” after the release of box office failure a reason.After all, a pompous, buffoonish comedy remake is now the runner-up at the box office.