Yangchun Shi Wang: The beancurd bamboo is made like this

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Every Spring Festival, every village and every household in Shiwang Town, Yangchun city will make beancurd bamboo with traditional techniques.The beancurd made of high quality and good taste is favored by the majority of consumers.In recent years, Shiwang town vigorously supports the development of beancurd industry, and this local characteristic agricultural product also radiates new vitality.Wang Jinrong, a senior craftsman in Tanwen village, Shiwang Town, inherited his tofu workshop from his grandfather.Traditionally, beancurd bamboo is made by grinding the bean, steaming it, grinding it, beating the pulp and putting it into the pot. Without any additives, it has a strong beancurd flavor and melts in your mouth.CAI Xinyi, reporter of Yangchun Rong Media Center: NOW I come to the scene where Master Wang is making bean curd bamboo in Tanwen Village, Shiwang Town, Yangchun city. Behind me, there are twelve POTS of soybean milk giving off steam. At the same time, master Wang and his family are making bean curd bamboo with traditional handmade methods.Wang Jinrong, Tanwen Village, Shiwang Town, Yangchun City: Get up at six in the morning and work until about four in the afternoon.Wang Jinrong’s wife: Usually we make beancurd bamboo.I mainly fire, do beancurd bamboo is the most important fire, control the heat.Production output a day about 20 catties.Master Wang introduced that the beancurd industry also has a thriving off season. Every year after the Mid-Autumn Festival, it is the peak season, which is in short supply in the market.In recent years, the shiwang town government attaches great importance to the development of “one village, one product”, vigorously supports characteristic industries, and the bean curd industry volatilized out new vitality.Hong Zuopian, party Secretary of Shiwang Town, Yangchun city: In the process of promoting the development of Shiwang beancu bamboo brand, our town pays attention to building a sales platform, so that the masses can do it and sell it, and finally achieve the masses to increase their income and get rich, and really achieve industrial revitalization.Text and video: Yangchun Rong Media Center