Pass it on. We can get ice here, Too

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As a new international “top flow”, these two days the ice block is “hard to find”, today, xiaobian found a new way to get ice block block — in the Winter Olympics, the top three will get an ice block block!Custom edition!I was just wondering, is it too late to sign up?The first gold medal of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was awarded at the National Cross-country Ski Center on February 5, 2018. The top three athletes received their own customized ice dwen dwen souvenirs.On February 4, the daily sales of the flagship store for the Winter Olympics hit a new high, reaching nearly 3 million yuan.① Since February 5th, in order to protect the purchase rights and interests of more consumers, some popular products in the store such as plush mascot toys, hand-made products have begun to implement the purchase restriction policy, we are trying our best to actively coordinate stock, please understand.② Because there are too many people queuing outside the store, the flow restriction measures are taken to enter the store. Every 100 people enter the store within about 1 hour. Please refer to it as appropriate.③ Please wear a mask during queuing, keep a safe distance, and follow the instructions of the security staff at the door when entering the store. Do not crowd.④ Do not buy licensed goods from scalpers at a high price, do not believe the price hype, rational consumption, let us work together to create a good winter Olympics shopping atmosphere.Franchised flagship store reminds consumers: Don’t worry!Don’t stock up!Spend wisely!Source | @ China news network;Beijing Daily app;@ the web