Qingdao issued the latest notice: strict control of construction projects after the Spring Festival safety clearance

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Qingdao Daily/View Sea News, February 11 — In order to ensure a good start and a good step in 2022, Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development today issued a “Notice on seriously resuming construction after the Spring Festival in 2022″.”Notice”, after the Spring Festival is central to stay at the peak of the construction project, the city building administrative departments at all levels and construction contractors to improve political stance and fully understand the current safety in production work on thought the seriousness, complexity and the extreme importance of deep draw on lessons learned recently other provinces and cities the construction accident, fully deployed,We will strictly fulfill our responsibility for workplace safety, strengthen safety supervision and law enforcement, strictly enforce safety checkpoints for resumption of work, promptly eliminate all kinds of hidden dangers, and resolutely curb the occurrence of safety accidents.At the same time, but also a comprehensive investigation, in-depth and meticulous open conditions acceptance inspection.Before the resumption of the project, the construction unit shall be responsible for taking the lead in formulating the safety guarantee work plan for the project to ensure that the construction period is reasonable and safety measures are in place.Construction unit to deep foundation pit, the tall template, scaffolding, hoisting machinery, construction, electricity, border guard, overlay facilities, fire control, influence scope of oil and gas pipelines, with emphasis on the key areas and crucial links, such as comprehensive governance of the February the safe hidden trouble to the construction site and detailed measures, responsibility to the people, to set up the parameter, the closed loop management,Do risk prevention and control in place, hidden trouble investigation and management in place;The supervision unit shall examine and review the self-examination and self-rectification of the project item by item. If the safety conditions are qualified, the chief supervision engineer shall sign for confirmation, and the unqualified ones shall not be allowed to resume work.In addition, we must strictly prevent and control dust pollution from construction sites.Building administrative departments at all levels to strictly according to the housing and construction department of shandong province about print and distribute building municipal engineering construction site dust control work plan notice requirements, supervise the project cooperated-builing parties before opening to return to work well after the main responsibility of the preparatory work, earnestly implement enterprise’s main body responsibility, improve the mechanism of the construction site dust pollution prevention and control of all responsibility,Ensure that the responsibility of dust pollution prevention and control is implemented in every link, every post and every person.Construction units should urge construction enterprises to strictly implement the system of self-examination and rectification for the prevention and control of dust pollution, conscientiously carry out self-examination of projects under construction, and promptly rectify dust problems.For the land for construction that cannot be started temporarily, the construction unit shall cover the bare ground or spray environmental dust suppressant;Those exceeding three months shall be afforested, paved or covered.At the same time, according to the relevant requirements of “Notice of Qingdao Municipal People’s Government on Temporary Control Measures for Medium and heavy trucks and non-road mobile Machinery in Heavy pollution days”, the temporary control work of heavy trucks and non-road mobile machinery in heavy pollution days should be done well.Conscientiously organize and carry out the “first class of work”.According to the ministry of housing and urban and rural construction committee of shandong province “about print and distribute the province live built system implementation plan” to start the first lesson “activities in 2022 notice (LuJianAn word [2022] no. 1) requirements, each enterprise, the project will take full, video, and other forms, careful organization to carry out the safe production as the main content of” to start the first lesson,”Carry out safety education and training for all staff, educate and mobilize all staff to enhance safety awareness, resolutely overcome the idea of laxness and paralysis, firmly establish the safety concept of “education and training is not in place is the biggest hidden danger of safety”, enterprises and projects without education and training are not allowed to resume work.We will conscientiously implement the reward system for tip-offs.Project open before the return to work, the construction site to post office (hang) incentives for the safe production in shandong province to report and “report” in shandong province house municipal construction safety production rewards implementation guide “, the scene on the basis of the nine card two figure, add prize to report information card, in the project summary figure social supervision bar increase prize to report information.The circular also called for all-out efforts in epidemic prevention and control.Strictly implement epidemic risk warnings.Requiring personnel from medium and high risk areas (city, district and banner) not to enter the construction site;Personnel from other counties (cities, districts and banners) in prefecture-level cities where medium-high risk areas are located shall not enter construction sites unless necessary. Those who really need to enter construction sites shall hold negative nucleic acid test certificates within 48 hours and take nucleic acid test once upon arrival.Those who have arrived in medium-high risk areas within 14 days prior to the announcement shall immediately report to the sub-district office of the project location, carry out health management until 14 days after arrival, and take nucleic acid tests twice (24 hours apart) within the first 3 days after follow-up, and do not go out or gather unless necessary.At each entrance and exit of the construction project, regulations such as wearing masks, temperature measurement, lighting codes and registration shall be strictly implemented. It is necessary to timely grasp the flow of personnel, register the detailed information of workers entering the site every day and establish health records.We should coordinate with local epidemic prevention and control departments of the project, obey community epidemic management, implement corresponding measures, and cooperate with local epidemic prevention and control departments to comprehensively carry out follow-up and detection work.After the resumption of work, all construction projects in the city will be assigned different personnel to take nucleic acid testing in turn every week. Each assigned personnel must include project management personnel, special operation personnel, odd work team, woodworking team, steel reinforcement team, bricklayer team, and professional subcontractor team, i.e., one person from each group will be assigned to participate in nucleic acid testing.In addition, the regulatory information system should be fully activated.All construction projects in the city will be re-examined and re-examined, and all construction projects under construction and new construction will be brought into the supervision of the provincial construction safety supervision platform, and those not brought into the system supervision will not be allowed to resume work.(Qingdao Daily/Sea View news reporter Wang Bingjie)