After Cristiano Ronaldo missed the penalty kick, there was a colleague who excused him!Mourinho said his poor performance was due to the preparation for the Champions League

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On February 5, Manchester United lost to middlesbrough on penalties in the FA Cup.The turning point of the match came when Ronaldo missed a penalty in regular time.Cristiano Ronaldo also misses a lot of crucial penalties, but because of his emphasis on the mental attributes and the fact that he has a reputation for scoring in crucial moments, he is considered a game-winner along with Kobe Bryant, although there are several other players who are better than them.Cristiano ronaldo missed penalty be eliminated though not directly responsible for Manchester united, but he is the tallest player wages, most famous, and the ball up, control right of penalty and free kick penalty goal, in the dressing room is also the most power, and the game because of his penalty miss indeed that Manchester united forced to kick a penalty shootout, so he has also been questioned.But Cristiano Ronaldo missed the penalty, with the behavior he exonerated!Former England goalkeeper Ian Wright, for example, tried to explain why Ronaldo missed a penalty.According to Ian Wright, no one would have expected Cristiano Ronaldo’s shot to go wide.I think Ronaldo was going for an absolute corner, especially when he found out that the goalkeeper had predicted his prediction.But that’s a rather strained explanation. I don’t know if Ian Wright believes it, but the fans don’t.In fact, the super penalty kick is not a big deal, ronaldo is certainly no exception.It’s just that the penalty was so important that it mattered whether United were going to lose all four of their games and it really made the supporters feel bad to let it go.The fa Cup, which united have avoided winning all four of the most realistic trophies this season, was played against a second-division side that featured all but its best player, David de Gea, and World Cup winning midfielder Paul Pogba, only to be knocked out by a shock.Apart from missing the penalty, Ronaldo was not in form either.If pogba had not just returned, Rangnick would not have replaced him, but Cristiano Ronaldo.The Manchester Evening News gave Ronaldo a failing grade of 5, the lowest rating of the match.For C luo condition is not good this fact, also has the football person to carry on the forced interpretation, he is The Chinese famous mouth Zhan Jun.Why is Cristiano Ronaldo out of form?The Chinese gossip said: Ronaldo’s poor performance is to prepare for the Champions League!Zhan Jun said on social media that after a two-hour battle and a suffocating penalty shootout, United lost on penalties for the second time since the Europa League.Regular time, united wasted their chances and paid the price.The only good news for United was the presence of Sancho on the left and the return of Paul pogba.Cristiano ronaldo, who has played in the FA Cup for the first time in 13 years on his 37th birthday, is not in good shape and needs to keep his strength for the champions League round of 16 against Atletico Madrid.But like Wright-Phillips’ explanation that Ronaldo missed the penalty in pursuit of a corner, Zhan jun’s suggestion that Ronaldo was out of form in order to build up his strength for the Champions League was also not believed by fans.After all, the champions League and the Premier League are united’s most difficult competitions, and the FA Cup is the only tournament they can avoid in the cristiano ronaldo era.Roy keane told me Manchester United signed Cristiano Ronaldo to win the FA Cup.Last year, carragher and keane had a debate, with carragher saying there was no point in united signing Cristiano ronaldo, while keane said united were signing ronaldo for the Champions League and fa Cup.Now Jamie carragher is dead.