Lakers take another hit!James hasn’t come back from injury yet, and the replacement veteran quit early!

2022-05-15 0 By

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Lakers resumed their NBA regular-season campaign against their city rivals, the Los Angeles Clippers.The Lakers trailed, rallied in the final quarter and nearly finished off a 111-110 loss to the Clippers.More troubling than the loss is the lakers’ extended injury list.James has not recovered from injury, the team morale is low, difficult to win.Anthony Davis and Westbrook did their best to help the team take advantage.On the bench, veteran Carmelo Anthony’s contribution is indispensable, he is the team’s most consistent rotation scorer.But the lakers lost Carmelo Anthony again.Anthony was forced to retire from the game after just 11 minutes.After the team doctor timely examination, Anthony is a hamstring injury, need to rest.Anthony finished with seven points and two rebounds on 2-for-4 shooting before exiting the game.Anthony has been a very consistent player this season, playing in 50 games and even starting three times, one of the highest percentage of lakers players this season.Now, Anthony has finally reached the point where he can’t hold on, and the Lakers’ forward rotation is even more stretched.Previously, the Lakers feel that their lineup is still good, a lot of veteran, young will also have.But in the middle of the fight, it was found that the veteran is too easy to injury, the young players without the veteran is also not good.As a result, the Lakers are on the verge of losing a playoff spot, let alone a championship shot.It’s going to be tough for the Lakers to go to the next level this season.