Series of reports “How to Optimize the Business Environment in Zhuzhou” (1) Use “subtraction” to solve the problem to release development momentum

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A few days ago, Zhuzhou held the third government-enterprise “breakfast meeting”, which was the third consecutive high-level “breakfast meeting” held this year, which conveyed a strong signal that the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government continue to optimize the business environment, take enterprises as the main force of current steady growth, and take economy as the main engine of high-quality development.From today, the network launched a series of reports “how to optimize the business environment zhuzhou run out of” acceleration “, today broadcast the first episode “with” subtraction “release development power.This is the construction site of the high-speed Copper Cladding project.High-speed copper cladding is a low loss and high speed material, which is a key component in the field of big data center, high-speed router and 5G communication. The project is expected to be formally put into production in September this year.The annual production capacity is 1.25 million, and the annual output value is expected to reach 2 billion.Liang Jingming, General manager of Hunan Carris New Material Technology Co., LTD. : In the formula part and the manufacturing part, China is relatively weak, so we just have these technologies and production experience, break through the bottleneck technology, to break this piece of monopoly.Liang jingming said that the project from the introduction to the landing, it takes half a month to complete the administrative approval in Zhuzhou only one day.Liang Jingming, General manager of Hunan Carris New Material Technology Co., LTD. : THE part of administrative approval actually surprised me. I took down the business license on the same day.We have also seen the government’s determination to attract investment and its quick response to enterprises.Also benefited from the administrative approval of the reduction of “thin”, the metallurgical material handling project of Tianqiao Crane Co., Ltd. took the lead in the province to realize the park industrial projects “upon completion of the certificate”.Chairman of the Board of Supervisors: It reduces our time cost and management cost, and accelerates the subsequent development of the enterprise.Many examination and approval services and cumbersome examination and approval procedures are the “obstruction” problems of investment development.In recent years, Zhuzhou continues to explore the reduction of examination and approval, reduction process, reduction of matters, last year and innovative implementation of the land that starts, “completion acceptance of one thing” reform, efforts to break the administrative examination and approval services in the field of blocking points, difficulties, won The State Council recommended.Jiang Hengxiang, Party Secretary of Municipal Administrative Examination and Approval Service Bureau:On one hand we introduce extremely brief examination and approval, in accordance with the requirements for pipes under the reform, the batch to batch, cut in about a third of items, each year we take to the projects of last year, before 6 to 9 months to obtain the planning, construction and land all of the card, is now 28 days, last year for the completion of the certificate,It usually takes 3 months to obtain the real estate certificate, and now it is basically completed in 2 days.The reduction of government-imposed costs such as time and management is a driving force for the development of enterprises, while tax and fee cuts are also the sunshine and rain of their development.Here is zhuzhou new ceramic new material Co., Ltd. this year research and development of new metal ceramic CNC blade, higher precision than the traditional CNC tool, wear resistance is stronger, to achieve the import of alternative.During the epidemic, the company received a series of targeted bailouts, including rent reduction and tax reduction, saving the company nearly 100,000 yuan.Zhuzhou new pottery new material Co., LTD. Technology director Liu Zhiyong: to our company to reduce a great burden, I can create greater benefits.The city has continued to improve the business environment, with “reduction” as the main tone to help market players travel lightly.(Special effect) In 2021, the city continued to promote the implementation of tax reduction and fee reduction policies, the city reduced taxes and fees by 2.311 billion yuan, an increase of 23.91% year on year, the central government arranged to keep 150 million yuan of tax rebate funds directly to enterprises.Pan Qing, secretary of the Party Committee of the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau: In 2021, the (human resources and social Security department) will reduce the burden of 280 million yuan for eligible enterprises in the city. This year, it is expected to reduce the burden of work-related injury and unemployment insurance or return funds to the same scale as last year.This is because we have used real money to ease the capital shortage of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in The city due to the impact of the epidemic, so that enterprises have better strength to engage in innovation.The reduction of approval and procedures, tax and fee cuts, in return for the “addition” of the market economy.(special effects) last year, Zhuzhou introduced 435 investment projects;In February this year, 147 major projects were launched with a total investment of 45.81 billion yuan.(e) In the next step, compared with coastal cities such as Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai, Zhuzhou’s reform of “decentralizing administration and providing services” will further strengthen its shortcomings. Professor Guo Wenzheng from the Party School of the Municipal Party Committee believes that the government needs to accelerate the transformation to service and unswervingly implement the policy of reducing fees and taxes.Under the background of international competition, we should base ourselves on a higher and better standard to further deepen the reform of “decentralization, regulation and service”.To be specific, we need to consistently implement the favorable policies set by the government, such as rent reduction, tax reduction and fee reduction, and social security deferment, so as to fundamentally improve the development environment for enterprises and boost their confidence and motivation for development.Reporter Wang Xijing: Continue to optimize the business environment. Zhuzhou has made breakthroughs in streamlining administration, delegating power, cutting taxes and fees, resolving the “obstruction” problem of investment development, accelerating “running”, storing momentum and constantly stimulating market vitality.Report/Feedback Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: