The case of an outsider obstructing the execution of the car will be seized by the court fined 2000 yuan

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Recently, the Xiangcheng District People’s Court in Suzhou imposed a 2,000 yuan “fine” on an outsider who obstructed the execution of the case.In the process of executing a private loan dispute case, xiangcheng Court received an applicant’s report that a car under the name of the person subjected to execution was found in a car shop in Xiangcheng District.Executive board police rushed to the car immediately, to carry out the work.When the contractor judge to car boss to do a record, car employees, case outsiders he mou took this opportunity, privately will be executed vehicle away.The executive police quickly chase out to stop, and make the car shop boss phone to inform what will drive back.The execution of the police through the telephone to he mou to explain the consequences of obstructing the execution of the court, at the same time told that if there are objections can be applied for, the proper exercise of rights.After 20 minutes of persuasion, he mou will change his mind to drive back, the execution of police officers detained vehicles under the name of the execution.Because he mou is active remedy, phase city court in accordance with the relevant provisions of the civil procedure Law, made to he Mou fine 2000 yuan decision.After the event, he mou also realized their improper behavior, said that they did not realize the consequences of obstructing the execution of the court, the lack of understanding and awe of the law.Undertake the judge to introduce, in this case, in the process of impound the vehicle under the name of the person subjected to execution, he mou should cooperate with the work of the court, rather than obstruct the execution.Although he mou is not the case of the execution, but according to the provisions of the law, all units, individuals have the obligation to cooperate with the court.Correspondent Shen Gaoxuan Yangtse Evening News/Reporter Wan Chengyuan purple Cow News Source: Purple Cow News