Thousands of lights behind the “guardian” : with adhere to illuminate thousands of households

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Song Zhenming is checking the operation of the equipment.Jiaxing, February 4 (Reporter Xi Jinyan) The Spring Festival is the day of the holiday reunion, but also song Zhenming work the most busy time of the year.Song Zhenming is the chief engineer in the equipment management department of Zheeng Jiahua Power Generation Co., China’s second-largest coal-fired power plant with eight units and a total installed capacity of 5.3 million kilowatts.Since its establishment in 1994, it has generated 416.9 billion kilowatt hours of electricity.”When all eight units are in operation, they can generate more than 100 million kilowatt-hours of electricity a day, which is enough to power more than five million households throughout the day.”Song Zhenming said.Reunion night lights behind, can not do without the continuous and stable supply of energy and electricity.As an infrastructure field, the power industry does not have the concept of holidays, because it needs to respond to the grid scheduling requirements at any time.”The company operates five shifts and three shifts. More than one-third of the 1,000 employees are on duty, and more than 160 employees have dinner in the factory on New Year’s Eve.””It is our most critical task as equipment managers to ensure the equipment performance of the current crew under operating conditions,” Mr. Song said.At 6 PM on the third day of the first lunar month, Song Zhenming finished his day’s work and hurried home to have a hot meal with his daughter and mother.Song’s wife, who is a volunteer, has been on lockdown since half a month ago and will not return home until the end of February. She will also spend New Year’s Eve at work.The task of making her daughter and her mother happy fell to Song Zhenming.In fact, Song Zhenming himself has never had a complete Spring Festival holiday since he joined the company in 1998. He is basically in a state of standby and maintenance of the unit anytime and anywhere.Visit relatives and friends this kind of New Year must do, because of busy and omitted, even dozens of kilometers away from the mother-in-law’s home, do not necessarily have time to pay New Year’s call.As a dedicated equipment engineer, Song is a national model worker, but in his daughter’s eyes, he is not a qualified father. During his six years in primary school, Song attended only one parent-teacher meeting.Holidays often not at home, but also often a phone call to disappear…Talking about her daughter, zhen-ming song very is owed, efforts to take home to take home as far as possible, so that I can more with his wife and daughter for a while, “sometimes work family does too, but since in this post, they should take responsibility of unit, because this relationship to the demand of millions of households, must be done well.”Around the Spring Festival, factories cut production and stopped production, reducing the social electricity load, and some units were asked to intervene.This is the source of Song Zhenming’s busy Spring Festival.Because the unit runs for a long time, the machine will appear wear and tear and hidden trouble.In the operation of the unit, it is difficult for the staff to carry out a thorough overhaul of the unit, and the unit outage brought by mediation just gives precious maintenance time.”We have to seize this gap time to eliminate hidden dangers, before the difficult diseases, but also in this time to solve, so workers need to work overtime.”Song zhenming explained.Every minute counts.The electricity load varies greatly from moment to moment. It is not clear in advance when and how long to mediate. There is only a general period of time when the technical group, operation group and maintenance group need to be on standby in the factory.The workers’ arrangement and maintenance plan of the mediation stage should be well planned and repeatedly demonstrated before the mediation.The meticulousness and comprehensiveness of the scheme will also directly affect the maintenance efficiency.”Sometimes when repairing, new problems will be found, and technical personnel need to re-evaluate, discuss maintenance solutions, and targeted solutions.”Song zhenming said that all these work should be done within the stipulated mediation time.The application of digital tools provides a boost to maintenance work.Song zhenming said that the results of equipment reliability analysis, daily operation data analysis, video map analysis and other results can give technical personnel a data reference, “but machine learning ability needs to be upgraded iteratively, many variables can not be taken into account, sometimes the conclusions are not so accurate, the experience of professional technical personnel is very important.”From a slag extracter at the bottom of the furnace when I just entered the company to now become a technical expert in the national power industry, craftsmen in Zhejiang province, and highly skilled leading talents in Zhejiang Province……During his 20 years working in Jiahua, Song zhenming has made practical research on all aspects of coal-fired power generation. “After some detachments, I have gradually accumulated experience. I will consider some problems in advance and make some improvements when applying new processes and equipment to make them more suitable for the needs of the factory.”In the new stage, the electric power industry is also accelerating digital reform, advanced technology, new management methods, new management concepts are changing the traditional industry, the electric power industry needs new blood to join.Tackling key problems in some major technical problems, do a good job in the new technology research, how to do “mentoring” is zhen-ming song are now thinking of problem “how to make rapid growth young technical personnel, complete experience and accumulation, so that they can quickly into the support jobs, or higher level, will be in the New Year plan.”In the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, Song Zhenming and his wife are busy on their posts, guarding the city’s years of quiet good.Talking about the New Year’s wishes, Song Zhenming said that in the New Year, I hope my family is healthy, my daughter will study harder and get better grades, my wife’s work will not be so tired, and my own work will be smooth.(after)